Husband travels a lot for work and I need childcare help

Husband travels a lot for work and I need childcare help

Husband travels a lot for work and I need childcare help

I run into so many moms now days who have husbands that travel for work on a monthly and weekly basis and they have little to no childcare help. Well, I have to ben honest and say that I can’t relate to the moms who have traveling husbands so often, but I do know that it’s extremely difficult to play mother and father role when my husband does work late.

My heart truly breaks for the stressed out mothers that I meet who have husbands who travel for work because they’ve told me that they feel like single mothers trying to keep the home knit together perfectly all while they are personally unraveling daily. They feel like they are falling apart because they barely have time to sit down or much less do anything fun or relaxing for themselves and don’t even ask about having a social life. You see, when the husband does come home the mother wants to spend time with him and the children as a cohesive family unit and not away with the girlfriends or out shopping.

I’ve also noticed that mothers of husbands who travel often carry around a huge suitcase of guilt for wanting to hire a part-time or full-time nanny or housekeeper to help them with the children and home. They have “mommy-guilt” glaring at them in the face for thinking of such a thought. They feel a tremendous weight of guilt strangling them so tightly because they feel that they are the ones who truly hold the family together tightly and they are supposed to have it all together and do it all by themselves.

You see, mothers of husbands who travel often tend to feel such a heavy weight of guilt for desiring to hire a nanny or housekeeper because they also don’t want to burden their husbands with extra “things” to weigh him down while he is away at work; However, when you hire a nanny or housekeeper the opposite happens to your life. The family actually can spend more time together and less time stressing about racing from swim practice to soccer to the grocery store. The husband and wife can actually have more date nights together and the mother can even have some quiet time away while the husband is gone by having the nanny watch the children.

You see, Georgia’s Dream Nannies understands your needs and we know what its like to have a lot on your plate all at one time.  I want to encourage you to sit down today and truly reflect on your life without beating yourself up with guilt. I want you to write down all of your daily responsibilities and “dream” for a moment of what your life would look like if you could setup a budget for a part-time nanny for as little as 12 hours a week or if you hired full-time nanny or housekeeper to work in your home. Most of our nannies and housekeepers work 12 – 50+ hours and we can work around your scheduling needs. We can also help you hire a Personal Assistant, Chef, Household Manager, Baby Nurse and the list goes on. Click Here to find out about all of our in-home domestic services. 

Also, I would like encourage you to give Dream Nannies a call today to discuss your situation and allow us to help you come up with a solution that would benefit not only you and bring peace back into the home, but also make it easy for you to present your childcare/housekeeping options to your husband. We can help you come up with a non-burdensome plan to help your family get back on track, so you can start enjoying your life, family, friends, husband and even your home again.

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