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Creating a Terrific Nanny Resume

Creating a Terrific Nanny Resume   Creating a terrific nanny resume is a favorite topic of mine; have you noticed? I look at hundreds of nanny, housekeeper, household manager and other domestic staff resumes a week. I am truly passionate about helping each household staff candidate have every advantage in presenting their gifts, talents and work history well. From the very first glance...

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What is your Child Worth?

What is your Child Worth?   When you are considering childcare options for your little ones, there is much to consider. From goals and wishes for what your child’s life looks like when you are not around to budget, there are some big questions to answer while choosing the best option for your family.   A friend sent me an old newspaper clipping she saved...

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Nanny Vs. Babysitter

Nanny Vs. Babysitter   Do you know what the difference is between a nanny and a babysitter? Do you think there is a difference? Do you think it really matters? At Georgia’s Dream Nannies we work with professional nannies and help them find to families and connect them together. Let me just answer these questions. Yes and yes. The Merriam-Webster definition of nanny is...

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5 Nanny Tips

  Top 5 Tips for New Nannies Would you like to learn more about our top 5 tips for new nannies? Whether you are fresh out of college and anxiously anticipating your first nanny job or if you have been approached by a family to nanny their children – here are the top 5 tips FAMILIES would like for you to know moving...

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The Shadow of Guilt

The Shadow of Guilt   We all face it- that dark cloud of guilt that shadows our daily lives. A nanny feels guilt that she spends more time with her charges than with her own family and children. Mom feels guilt that someone else is raising her child. Dad feels guilt that he has to spend time away from his family. The single...

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