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Georgia’s Dream Nannies – Our Story

Georgia's Dream Nannies - Our Story   In 2003, Serra Deville created Georgia's Dream Nannies from scratch in Woodstock, Georgia to help families find, interview and hire the best nannies in Metro-Atlanta. The company quickly grew by leaps and bounds and began adding other domestic services requested by clients. See complete service list offered here.     I knew right away there was something different...

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Creating a Terrific Nanny Resume

Creating a Terrific Nanny Resume   Creating a terrific nanny resume is a favorite topic of mine; have you noticed? I look at hundreds of nanny, housekeeper, household manager and other domestic staff resumes a week. I am truly passionate about helping each household staff candidate have every advantage in presenting their gifts, talents and work history well. From the very first glance...

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Letting Go

Letting Go   It's time to start LETTING GO of certain dreams, pride, control, friends, past hurts and habits to name just a few. You see, I started a little in-home staffing agency called Georgia's Dream Nannies right around 15-years ago from scratch, but I've always had a problem of "letting go" of things in my personal and work-life.   Letting Go - Is a...

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Nannies and Families Part 1 – Taking Time Out From Technology

Nannies and Families Taking Time Out From Technology   Part 1    I am confident in saying that technology has greatly improved areas of our lives. From communication, connection, contact, and just plain fun – the world is at our fingertips. The impact that it has had on family life though is questionable. There seems to be less family connection as we connect with colleagues, friends and...

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Hiring a nanny for a newborn

Hiring a nanny for a newborn Hiring a nanny for a newborn can be an exciting time or a daunting task. It depends on how well you plan, search, advertise, recruit, interview and hire your dream nanny. Mommy Guilt Mommy guilt. Exhaustion. You know you’ve reached it when the alarm clock blares and your first thought is “Now what time will I get to...

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