Women’s Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride

Women’s Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride


Women's Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride

Women’s Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride


The Hebrew word for pride means presumption. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to appear on the show Atlanta Live last night. I spoke on creating my company Georgia’s Dream Nannies from scratch and dealing with pride and humility in the work-place. I will post the actual interview of the show in a couple of weeks once I receive a copy from the producer.

Let’s just say that I never thought I had a pride problem when it came to running Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc. until I spent time listening to the Lord speak to me through His word and seeking Him earnestly everyday for hours during my quiet times.

Lord Spoke To Me

I prayed earnestly and asked the Lord to help Don and I with our marriage and he led us to call Vic Smith at our church to seek advice and counseling.  The Lord used Vic Smith who owns a wonderful ministry at our church called Abiding Word Ministries to help lead us and show us in God’s word where we were not obeying God’s law for marriage.

The Lord spoke to me during my quiet times and showed me how I had a really bad pride problem in my marriage which overflowed into my parenting and then it overflowed into our day-to-day operations at Georgia’s Dream Nannies.

A Little Back-End Story

You see, I started a company from scratch called Georgia’s Dream Nannies twelve years ago. I had always been in complete control of the company and made all final decisions; However, I felt God impressing me a little over year ago to hand over the day-to-day operations to my husband full-time. I felt God was leading me in a different direction and it was time to step back and work less in the business.

My husband helped me develop the company over 13-years ago, so he understood what the company needed to succeed and continue to grow, but I had a very hard time believing that he could handle the company full-time without my input on every decision (pride problem).

You see, it was a HUGE leap of faith on my part to let go of the everyday decisions because Georgia’s Dream Nannies had been my ‘baby’ that I birthed and poured every last ounce of love and energy into for over a decade. I assumed (pride problem) that my husbands ideas about our business were okay, but my ideas were always better, which led to constant strife and petty bickering during and after office hours. I presumed too much and had very little humility or respect for anyone who had a different view than myself, especially my husband. I put my trust in  human results rather than trusting God.

Learning What Pride Really Meant:

Pride comes in many different forms such as; control, non-teachable spirit, haughty spirit, being sarcastic, impatient, minimizing my shortcomings and sin, defensive, holding grudges just to name a few.  I could see it so clearly in everyone else’s life, except my own.

Examples of pride:

  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Drawing attention to myself when not necessary
  • Self-seeking
  • A lack of gratitude
  • Talking too much
  • Having a ‘big head’
  • Wanting control
  • Unteachable
  • Speaking sarcastic and demeaning words
  • Constantly blaming others for any issues
  • Disrespect
  • ImpatientWomen's Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride
  • Not admitting any of my own shortcomings
  • Always focused on myself and lifting myself up above others.

Things I’m learning through the process of letting pride go and submitting to humility:

  • Pride is everywhere. Pride comes in many forms, and I need to recognize the different forms, so I can avoid it.
  • I’m not very good at it without having time alone with God in my morning quiet times.
  • Learning to trust God for the everyday results.
  • God ultimately decides our income – not the best sales person and our vocation – not me.
  • Learning to trust God with the end results and to let go of control ( A HUGE pride issue that I struggle with daily, especially since one of my gifts happens to be leadership).
  • It’s impossible to have humility where pride exists.
  • Prideful people have a high view of themselves.

A few pictures from my guest appearance on the show Atlanta Live.

Women's Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride

Women’s Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride

Women's Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride

Our ‘SELFIE’ picture right before the Atlanta Live show!

Through Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc., Serra has been blessed to work with everyday moms and dads, CEO’s of large corporations, actors, PGA pro golf players, entrepreneurs, celebrities, rap artists, producers, news anchors, pop music artists, movie stars, NFL players, a Nascar driver, Atlanta Braves players, and other pro-sports players.


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