Why Families Should Use a Top-Notch Recruiting Firm like Georgia’s Dream Nannies



Georgia Dream Nannies was truly a dream. They made the process so easy. We needed someone to help out only with our newborn son but with our daughters who are 10 and 14 as well as light housekeeping. The candidates they sent us to interview were all great. We are so thankful to have the perfect fit for our family. Our nanny is wonderful! She is great with our baby and also our daughters. We are so thankful that Georgia Dream Nannies helped us find our nanny!!


Why Families Should Use a Top-Notch Recruiting Firm like Georgia’s Dream Nannies


High-end corporations use headhunters all the time, and for good reason.  Hollywood directors use talent agencies all the time, and for good reason.  For every hundred qualified people, there may be only 2 or 3 who are the best fit for the job.  Now you and your family can experience the best of both worlds by harnessing the power of Georgia’s Dream Nannies placement service!


Working hard


A Blessing – “I wanted to let you know that the position I had through your company was such a blessing. I worked for the X family for a little over a year and grew very close to the family…… They were such a special blessing! I hope you and your family are doing well and thank you for the opportunity!”  Jessica (A Nanny we placed)


There are two scenarios.  Picture this:  You’re practically breaking your fingernails on a keyboard and straining your eyes for hours on end, researching outdated websites with unverified and even potentially misleading Nanny and other domestic (household staff) profiles. Or picture this:  You call us and speak to a friendly Client Coordinator who tells you exactly what you need to know and then sends you a only few hand-picked, top-notch Nannies or other household staff to interview.


Choosing the right Nanny and household staff doesn’t have to be annoying or even scary. And it doesn’t have to take long either.  We can have you up and running full steam in no time.  Call us now @  770 – 517 – 0443

In the corporate world, for example, there are many reasons to use a professional headhunter.  The quality of the hire is substantially greater.  In addition to the obvious time-saving benefits, the pre-employment conditioning process is vitally important as well.  This sets the stage for a positive experience for everyone.  Some families seem at first resistant to the idea of thinking identically as a corporate employer would.  They might resist using an outside party to locate and filter qualified candidates. This need not be the case.


We make it easy for you.  In our clients’ experience, when on their own, trying to perform everything in-house, especially in today’s world of everyone wears 3 hats or more, is just out of the question!  They quickly learn that failing to use a high-end recruiter, highly respectable, top-notch recurring firm can be very counter-productive to a family’s goals.


1. Time and Money – While we are sourcing, screening, and presenting qualified candidates, you’re able to keep living as normal, with no hassles.  Hiring managers and human resources teams on our end remain busy and productive in the background, which saves your family time and money.


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2. Candidate Reach – While a generic ad somewhere on a job site will gain response mostly from active seekers; we at Georgia’s Dream Nannies have extensive networks of passive, seasoned candidates who will learn of your family’s needs and its opportunities ONLY through direct contact by us. This increases the pool of high quality, screened candidates that can be presented to you.


What if you never have to look at another Nanny or Housekeeper profile again.  
What if you could interview three people and hire a household employee (Nanny, Housekeeper, etc.) in less than 3-hours.


3. Specialization – We at Georgia’s Dream Nannies have a proud, long-standing industry reputation that we take seriously.  We know exactly what we’re doing.  When we’re working on the assignment, we can source candidates more efficiently than others because we have deep knowledge of this industry, all appropriate language and job functions, and all the wonderfully helpful roles within your family that a nanny or other household employee can fill.

Are you a tired, overworked Mom who really needs a mini clone to make it through the day? Are you a busy Dad who loves his children so much that he will accept NOTHING less than the best? Yes?  Well then you’re at the right place.  The ONLY place.  Let us give you the perfect Household help.  Call us right now.  Let’s do this.  Together.


4. Perspective – Since we have cutting-edge, industry-specific specialization, we possess a wealth of information and can provide valuable insight on the proper structure of the specific job, its position scopes, and competitive compensation packages.


5. Beyond Sourcing – We make every effort to secure a win-win scenario for both you and your nanny. Also, throughout this process, we will ensure that your family and its available positions are represented in a proper and appropriate manner, always with well-thought out safeguards.


6. Servicing Most Metro Atlanta Cities – Georgia’s Dream Nannies offers premium services to families living in cities like Kennesaw, Atlanta, Acworth, Alpharetta, Avondale Estates, Canton, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Cartersville, Dacula, Dallas, Holly Springs, Milton, Peachtree City, Roswell, Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Woodstock or any of the other Metro Atlanta areas.


Happy – “I wanted to write a quick note to reinforce what I mentioned to you today. I’m so incredibly impressed with your agency.
You have made the process look so easy! I’ve never worked with an agency that was able to put candidates in front of me within a week. You were able to accomplish that and more. I am so thankful that you were able to pull 8 candidates for me to interview in such a quick manner. Not only did you exceed my expectations on the timeline, the candidates were all extremely professional. They were great and very qualified nannies. You take the nanny search to a new level! Thanks so much for all of your help. As a busy working Mom, you helped me sleep much better through this process. Thanks! I’m happy to be a reference any time. Val”


Work less.  Hire an extra set of hands.  Find out how.  It’s easier than you think!  The reason it’s easy is because we make it easy.  All for you.  Stop living in frustration and start living in freedom.


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