Dream Nannies places nannies, housekeepers and more

Dream Nannies places nannies, housekeepers and more

Find local nannies, child care, housekeepers, caregivers near you. Local jobs for babysitting, nanny,and housekeeping. Hire an available full or part time nanny when you need today!


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The first thing you’ll notice when you begin your search is that there is a VERY crowded marketplace in the Household Staffing Industry.  The Internet is crowded with literally thousands of pages of information pertaining to “Nannying,” and some of it is downright confusing, not to mention the fact that it takes way too much time to sift through it all.  That’s where Dream Nannies steps in to help!  Not only do we place only the very best Nannies in Georgia, we also place the best Personal Housekeepers as well as Household Managers.

Since 2003, Dream Nannies have been placing skillful and well-polished household help to the finest families in the South. We pride ourselves on never wasting our clients time with unqualified candidates for the home.  Our attention to detail, prompt and friendly customer service, ultimate background checks and in-depth interviewing process allows our Placement Coordinators the ability to quickly match candidates with clients.  Our staff spends countless hours recruiting the highest quality help for your home; whether you are hiring a nanny manager, nanny with special needs experience, housekeeper,  household manager or any other type of household staff (Services Explained Here).

Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc. is a full service Domestic Household Staffing Placement Agency with a strong track record of notable success (Testimonials & Rewards).  We have a brick and mortar office (not just an online facade), a full time staff of real people you can interact with (not simply words on a screen), and we are totally committed to the pursuit of intentional excellence – never willing to settle for mediocrity.  If you want to cut through all the noise and clutter, get right down to business and use the best “Nanny Finder” in the greater Atlanta area, then look no further, you’ve found us.

It’s time for a more personal touch.  A touch of class.  It’s time to “Hire a Nanny” or other “Household Staff” the right way, the safest way, the smartest way.  It’s time to experience the top-notch service that can truly make all the difference in the world for your family.  You CAN improve the quality of your lifestyle with the right help.

You see, for every 30 or so candidates, we find only a small handful make it through our elite selection process.  What does this mean to you?  Quality.  Plain and simple.  Actions speak louder than words in raising secure children, and you should never risk hiring someone who copied and pasted a resume to look like someone they’re not.  Not everyone who raises their hand to be a Nanny, Personal Housekeeper, Household Manager or other type of household help is cut out for this industry, even if they have a sparkly clean background report and good references.

Doing the ultimate of all background, job, and reference checks is only a small part of our service, and while yes this is critically important, it’s not even close to the whole story.  We cut through all the noise.  We save you lots of time.  We know what we’re looking for and waste no time saying ‘NO’ to the wrong candidates.  YES, we can help you.  Let’s talk.  It’s so easy to get started.



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