Setting boundaries when hiring a nanny or housekeeper

Setting boundaries when hiring a nanny or housekeeper

Special Needs Children Need A Special Kind Of Care

Setting boundaries when hiring a nanny or housekeeper

Why it’s Important to Set Boundaries, and not Just for Children.

What are boundaries and why are they important? How are boundaries defined in an employer-employee relationship, specifically that of a parent to a nanny or a homeowner to a housekeeper?  What kind of boundaries are encouraged with children? Why is it so important to set them in the first place?

Boundaries are a safety net. They provide an outline of what’s expected of the nanny or of the children while also giving them a safe place to express themselves without crossing the line. Many times, a nanny in Atlanta may shy away from setting boundaries with the children they care for in fear that the kids won’t like them or won’t respect them. Parents may feel awkward setting boundaries with the live in nanny because they want to ensure they feel at home. As uncomfortable as the initial conversation of setting boundaries can be, it is a necessary one to have in order to have the smoothest relationships possible where everyone feels respected and safe. “It’s important to understand that boundary setting is not being rude, nor is it being difficult. When done in a positive and respectful manner, boundary setting increases our assertiveness and can be effective for both parties.” Excerpt from ( When boundaries are properly in place, a safe environment is established and mutual respect is earned.

It's important to discuss setting boundaries when hiring a nanny or housekeeper

So knowing how important boundaries are, how do you establish them in an employer-employee relationship? What is the best way to initiate the conversation? When hiring a nanny or a housekeeper, one of the best ways to establish boundaries is by going through a nanny agency. An Atlanta nanny agency can be the middle party between the parents and the nanny and can facilitate the conversations of those boundaries, even providing a written contract in order to communicate the boundaries clearly. A nanny agency will find out the priorities of the family and then help decide on appropriate boundaries for the children, nanny, housekeeper, parents, or anyone else involved. Using an agency removes the awkwardness and eases the conversation so that healthy boundaries are established from the beginning.

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