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What happens when our knees hit the ground

[caption id="attachment_6988" align="aligncenter" width="225"] What happens when our knees hit the ground[/caption] What happens when our knees hit the ground? I  walked in the door of my child's beautifully decorated Mother's day party at school with the anticipation of a great party, but I had anything but a great time. The tables were adorned with gorgeous table-cloths and flowers and handmade crafts just...

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Women’s Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride

  [caption id="attachment_6934" align="alignright" width="250"] Women's Speaker Serra Deville Talking About Pride[/caption] GOING FROM PRIDE TO HUMILITY IN A LITTLE OVER A YEAR The Hebrew word for pride means presumption.  I had the wonderful opportunity to appear on the show Atlanta Live last night. I spoke on creating my company Georgia's Dream Nannies from scratch and dealing with pride and humility in the work-place. I...

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Serra Deville Speaking Requests

 Serra's goal when speaking at any event is to encourage, motivate and teach the audience through God’s word, funny stories and real life-examples. Hello there! I am the creator and founder of Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc. an award-winning agency.  I started Georgia’s Dream Nannies from scratch in 2003. I truly give God all of the glory for everything that He has done in my...

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Stay At Home Moms And Working Moms Get Inspired To Do What You Love

Stay At Home Moms And Working Moms Get Inspired To Do What You Love I’m proud to say that I’m a working mom! I decided to start Georgia's Dream Nannies, Inc. (business and blog) in 2003 from scratch and a blog called (A decorating blog)  in October 2012.  I needed a place to share all of my creative and decorating ideas, encouragement and...

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Meet Our Founder Of Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Serra Deville

[caption id="attachment_6517" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Serra "Founder & Owner"[/caption] Meet Our Founder Of Georgia's Dream Nannies, Serra Deville Since 2003, we have been placing skillful and well-polished household help to the finest families. We pride ourselves on never wasting our clients time with unqualified candidates for the home.  Our attention to detail, prompt and friendly customer service, ultimate background checks and in-depth interviewing process allows our Placement...

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