Georgia’s Dream Nannies Celebrates 14 Years Today

Georgia’s Dream Nannies Celebrates 14 Years Today

Georgia’s Dream Nannies Celebrates 14 Years Today


A little note from our founderSerra Deville

I never dreamed 14-years ago I would be working in one of the largest, most prestigious and award-winning household staffing companies in Georgia. I’m not bragging about it either. I’m blown away by the progress our company has made over the past 14-years and the contributions that each and every employee has made over the years to help the company succeed.

Early years

In the early years, I made sure that everyone who contacted the agency knew I cared about them. In fact, I remember interviewing nannies at 8:00 pm, 9:00 pm and even 10:00 pm just to make sure I could accommodate their schedule and the families needs to find someone quickly. I would work 6-days a week and love every single minute of it. I had the most wonderful staff during those earlier years (Melissa and Allison) who worked so hard to make sure that every little detail was just perfect. They truly did help grow the business early on. They both moved out-of-state and have their own families now, but I will never forget how hard they worked right alongside of me. We laughed a lot during those early years.

Long days

I worked 60-70 hours for the first 6 to 7 years because I was on a mission to create the best experience for each and every person who contacted the agency. I never saw my work on a daily basis as a job, but as a calling. I met a lot of fascinating people who would share their personal stories both good and bad with me. I ended up being a listening ear and friend to so many during those early years.

Not always easy

Now, don’t get me wrong – there were many days I wanted to give up, but something inside of me wouldn’t let me throw in the towel. I had a drive in me that kept pushing forward even through the exhaustion. I had a husband who believed in me and helped me. He believed in my dream and he saw my vision becoming something bigger. Oh, he was my biggest fan cheering me on. I also learned a lot about balance and family life and how to do it all. Yes, I do it all now, but it’s not perfect. Nope not even close. It’s actually quite messy and it’s okay. I don’t work 6-days a week and 70+ hours anymore because I’ve learned that life is not always about working long and crazy hours even when you have a passion and calling for something great.



Dream. Vision. Calling.

I’ve seen a lot of other agencies come and go over the years. I’ve seen them get into the business just for a business and not a true calling. Oh friends, please hear me – Yes, you can start any business, but if your heart is not in it and it’s not a calling on your life, then when the times get tough you will quit. There has to be meaning behind what you do each and everyday.

Yes, I had a dream.

I had a vision.

I had a calling.

I stumbled a lot during the early years, but quickly gained ground and a personal reputation among celebrities, ball players, and all of the other affluent families around Georgia. Our agency became known among the most elite crowd in Georgia. I just sat back in awe because I had the opportunity to help these families with the best nannies and other household staff for their homes.

Our employees

It was my mission 14-years ago to love and serve our community. Our top-notch employees continue to carry on the torch working tirelessly  to make sure every little detail is taken care of for both family and job-seeker. Do we mess up? Sure, we are all human, but we dust off our knees and get right back to work to make things right and grow. Do we re-visit the past? Sure, if it’s going to help us move forward. I am a firm believer in always being a student and learning from the past, so we know to keep going up from there.


I think that once we stop learning, being curious, and innovative, then we’ve lost the art of growing a business. 


May God bless you and may God continue to bless Georgia’s Dream Nannies.


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