Setting the Expectations – Families

Setting the Expectations – Families

Setting the Expectations – Families

Here at the office we are taking time to work through a leadership book and learning about setting expectations. The book was written after extensive research and study by the author of leadership and management at a large corporation. It is very thought-provoking and has been personally challenging. A concept that has been foundational to the leadership of this corporation is setting expectations. From top leadership down to entry-level employee, the expectation of greatness is set.


How does this apply to families employing household staff? Let’s explore the ways we can set the expectation for greatness.


Setting the expectation with ourselves – From the moment we create a family we have dreams of what family life will look like. From the sports activities to the holiday memories to the favorite vacations, we dream of life running smoothly. Then reality sets in. Take a step back and reconnect with those hopes and plans you wanted to make for your family. Allow your mind to wander and write down anything dreams you might have forgotten about. Think about how your household staff can be part of the process of making those dreams reality.


Setting the Expectation with our children – Children will rise to the level of expectations communicated to them. Whether dealing with character development or math homework, they will try to meet the expectations of the important people in their lives. When we consistently communicate that they are capable of greatness and the hard work that goes into that pays off.


Setting the Expectation with our household staff – When we set the expectation of professionalism, quality work and care for our household staff we lay a groundwork for solid working relationships. Household staff is a very intimate employer/employee relationship. When we not only expect greatness but also model professionalism, quality care and value for our household staff then they will follow our example. You may have heard the adage “a person appreciated will outperform all others” (that is my adaptation of it).


Your commitment to creating a quality life for yourself, your family and your household staff will make the difference between a good life and reaching all the dreams and goals you had from the beginning for your family.

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