Georgia’s Dream Nannies: Professional Nannies Look Like This

Georgia’s Dream Nannies: Professional Nannies Look Like This

Georgia’s Dream Nannies: Professional Nannies Look Like This


I am often asked the question “what is the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?” The difference simply comes down to a commitment to being a professional childcare provider with an elevated level of professionalism. So what does that look like day in and day out.


Professionalism is defined as the competence or skill expected of a professional. Which then leads to the next question, what makes a professional? That is defined as relating to or connected with a profession or a person engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.


Professionals are going to have a base of specialized knowledge. A Georgia’s Dream Nanny is going to have had several years of experience as full-time childcare provider. A majority of our nannies have advanced degrees ranging from early childhood education to special education degrees all the way across the board to psychology and sociology degrees. Whether a nanny has pursued a degree in teaching or musical theatre, valuable skills have been learned that translate into their care, nurture and education of the children in their care. Some of our nannies have chosen a different route and have immersed themselves in learning professional nanny skills, attended workshops specifically designed to train professional nannies, pursued certifications in newborn care and more. Each of our nannies has demonstrated a commitment to being competent in their field.


Honesty and Integrity are another qualification for a professional. A nanny becomes such an integral part of a family structure at a pretty intimate level. Children will often spill secrets, parents will share information and a nanny has a front row seat to inside information. It is of utmost importance that a nanny not only act with honesty and integrity in all their dealings with their family, but that they also maintain a level of discretion. Being trustworthy allows a family to feel a certain level of safety and security and that promotes a much higher level of trust.


True professionals not only recognize the need for accountability but welcome it. Whether checking in through scheduled meetings with the family, regular review times (ie, once a quarter or twice a year), a professional nanny understands that the information presented in these situations will encourage accountability. Accountability also provides for growth both personally and as a valued member of the family unit. Along with accountability would be a commitment to building positive communication.


Self-Regulation is an important aspect of professional behavior. An individual who shows consideration and respect for others demonstrates a commitment to professionalism. Likewise, a person who keeps his or her word, demonstrates loyalty, and exceeds expectations is demonstrating professionalism. A nanny that can self- regulate and keep a personal commitment to these behaviors is invaluable to their family.



Finally, professional nannies understand the importance of image. This goes beyond dressing appropriately for their work day. Image is the physical appearance as well as the confidence that comes from planning, setting goals, striving for excellence and finally the satisfaction of accomplishing the goals and plans.


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