Setting the Expectations – Nannies

Setting the Expectations – Nannies

Setting the Expectations – Nannies


Here at the office we are taking time to work through a leadership book and learning about setting expectations. The book is based on what the author has learned about the leadership and management. It is very thought-provoking and personally is challenging me to examine where I could be doing a better job. One of the key concepts in the book that is discussed is the setting of expectations from the bottom all the way to the top.


How does this apply to nannies? Let’s explore the ways we get to set the expectation for greatness.

Setting the expectations with ourselves

From the beginning of our career we have dreams of where we hope to end up. We have dreams of financial security, having a career that we enjoy, are proud of, and perhaps that we left the world a slightly better place because of the work we did. Sometimes, we lose sight of that when we are in the middle of the day-to-day slogging it out. That is okay. Take a few minutes and sit down and reconnect with those dreams. Write out your expectations for yourself. Include where you want to end your career as a nanny. Being intentional about setting those expectations is so important. When we are intentional, when we take a moment to write out our dreams and goals and then remind ourselves of those daily, our actions will be intentional.


Setting the expectations with our families

We can set the expectation for our nanny families of greatness. Wouldn’t it be such an honor to be able to say that we did such a good job that our families would accept nothing but the best for household staffing after we left them? When you approach your position with your nanny family with a desire to rock their proverbial world then it impacts every move we make. From making baby food to emptying the dishwasher to instilling love and affection and boundaries for their children, we will do it all with a much greater sense of personal pride when we understand that our work reflects our internal motivation to meet our personal goals.


Setting the expectations with our day

When you get up each day you can set the expectation for a good day or a bad day. As you drive to your nanny family’s house each morning you can mentally set the expectation for a good day. You can verbally set a positive atmosphere for the children and the parents. With your tone and your words you can completely change the atmosphere of the day. There will be days where everything goes wrong, where nobody is on time, or simply no one else wants to have a good attitude. However, when you have set the expectation of positivity, problem solving and making life great not just good, then you can change the end of the day, no matter what happens in the middle.


Your commitment to having a good day, having a good position within the family and having a good career will make the difference between okay and fantastic, surviving to thriving.


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