6 signs your kid’s birthday party is over the top.

6 signs your kid’s birthday party is over the top.

6 signs your kid’s birthday party is over the top.

Are kid’s parties out of control?

How do you manage the overkill?

Does each party your kids attend seem to level up? I mean do we really need to cater a three course meal for a toddler’s birthday party? Do you look at the calendar with dread six months before your child’s birthday and wish you had started planning earlier? Someone needs to be strong and put a stop to the madness!

6 signs your kid’s birthday party is over the top.

Do you remember your own parties as a kid? A birthday party used to be pin-the-the-tail-on-the-donkey, maybe a clown followed by cake and ice cream. You’d open the presents and then everyone went home- 2 hours out of the day, tops! So wonderfully simple (and inexpensive).

So parents here are 6 signs your kid’s birthday party is over the top:

  • Your invitation includes a gift registry or wish list of your tot’s most desired toys.

Don’t do it! Gift registries are for weddings and baby showers only. You run the risk of making yourself the laughing stock of the carpool and the topic of numerous withering Facebook posts. If a parent wants to call for ideas, that is fine, but to give a list of acceptable gifts is just rude.

  • You suddenly realize that if you invite 50 guests you will get 50 presents.

What are you going to do with all those gifts that your child will play with once and then promptly discard? How many times can a person visit Good Will in a year? (I am embarrassed to say that if I don’t want my home to resemble an episode of Hoarders, I need to clean out at least once a month.)

  • You are frantically searching Pinterest for a birthday party theme that hasn’t been used yet by either you or your “friends”.
  • You are freaking out about what to put in the goody bags.

You exceeded your budget for the goody bags a week ago, but you keep finding “the perfect thing” to add. I know it’s hard- but you must stop shopping!

  • You’re contemplating “unfriending” the parents whose kids are no-shows.

I understand your rage. In this day and age of Evite and Paperless Post, there is no excuse for not RSVP’ing. But please keep in mind, we should all practice a little grace and forgiveness.

  • If you invited over 50 kids and/or consider a budget equivalent to a modest wedding quite reasonable for your son’s first birthday party. You know who I’m talking to!

There is no need to dip into the collage fund for a 2 year old’s birthday party. He or she will not even remember the event! Nor should a toddler’s birthday party be considered an event.

May I just say that my children are old enough that I feel I won’t ruin their chances of ever having an active social life by writing this post! I am so happy to be off the crazy bus – but wait, my daughter will be turning 16 in two years. Should I start planning now?



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