What can a Nanny do to pass the time while working

What can a Nanny do to pass the time while working

What can a Nanny do to pass the time while working

What can a Nanny do to pass the time while working

Every Nanny will experience a certain amount of downtime during her shifts at some point during the week, so why not make sure that she has a running to-do list that will help her keep busy. What can a Nanny do to pass the time while working in your home if she suddenly has a few free minutes or hours without the kids? Well, I have compiled a list of things your Nanny can do during her downtime to help your family and help pass the time while working; However, you should always go over the list with your Nanny to make sure that she is in agreement (if not, then modify and make agreeable changes to the to-do list) with the items listed or you might end up with an un-happy Nanny.

Nannies Remember that your job is to help make the families life better. If the children are eating their lunch and you have finished eating your meal, then unload the dishwasher while the kids are still eating. It’s a simple task, but could truly make the mom happy when she comes home after a long day at work without having to do it herself. If the children are completing their homework at the kitchen table, then open up the fridge and wipe down a few shelves. If you have more time, then help the family by cleaning out the fridge and throwing out expired food. Please know that your first priority should always be the children; However, if time permits during your work-day or work-week, then please be open to helping the family out with a few minor things. Make an agreeable running to-do list with the family.


  1. Organize diaper bag. Keep it cleaned, stocked and ready to go (Make a list of things that need to go into the diaper bag at all times).
  2. Organize children’s closets
  3. Organize items underneath bathroom sinks
  4. Organize children’s books
  5. Organize kitchen cupboards
  6. Organize out of season clothes
  7. Organize pictures in an album
  8. Organize car (put plastic containers in there)
  9. Organize Kitchen pantry
  10. Help organize and plan a holiday or birthday party
  11. Have the Nanny keep up with an ongoing “Grocery List” or “To Do” lists for the family. She can keep a little notebook at the home to do this on a weekly basis of things that need to be purchased.


  1. Take your car or the “Nanny” car to have an oil change
  2. Take your car or the “Nanny” car to get washed
  3. Pick up the dry cleaning
  4. Run to the grocery store
  5. Return an item to the store
  6. Buy Christmas, holiday or birthday gifts
  7. Run errands for your home office
  8. Buy postage stamps
  9. Take mail to the post office


  1. Change air fresheners in house
  2. Clean countertops
  3. Clean bathrooms sinks
  4. Sweep porch
  5. Make beds
  6. Fold children’s laundry
  7. Wash children’s laundry
  8. Iron children’s uniforms or clothes
  9. Clean glass tables
  10. Clean off bookshelves
  11. Clean Children’s toys
  12. Mop floor
  13. Clean out fridge
  14. Clean out the “Nanny” car
  15. Unload & Re-load dishwasher


  1. Recycle plastics, newspapers, etc.
  2. Tidy up couch pillows
  3. Tidy bedrooms
  4. Tidy up children’s toys
  5. Tidy up kitchen


  1. Water plants
  2. Fertilize plants
  3. Check mailbox for mail
  4. Keep towels refreshed every ______ days
  5. Keep coffee stocked in the maker and cabinets
  6. Check fridge for spills, over dated stuff, etc.
  7. Wipe down fridge/microwave/stove
  8. Help write thank you notes
  9. Research “kid” friendly activities to do with your child
  10. Go to the craft store and buy “kid” friendly activities.

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