Bags Packed and Off to the Beach

Bags Packed and Off to the Beach

Bags Packed and Off to the BeachBags Packed and Off to the Beach

A trip to the beach is a great summertime option for kids because the combination of sand and water can provide hours and hours of fun. If the family you’re working for lives in Atlanta-Georgia, then you have some nearby options for some beach fun. Savannah-Georgia offers beach access and playgrounds, so it will work whether you are watching little kids or big kids. As you pack the bags for a trip to the beach, keep two main goals in mind for the kids in your care. You want to keep the safe and let them have fun. If you plan ahead and pack accordingly, you can ensure the safety and enjoyment of the kiddos in your care.

What to pack for a safe trip to the beach.


Sun protection

There are a variety of protective swimwear options available for children. There are swimsuits that have sleeves designed to protect the shoulders and arms from burns. In addition, a hat can be helpful for protecting the head and face of a child who spends a lot of time playing in the sand.

Check with the parents to find out if the kids have any skin sensitivities that require a specific type of sunscreen. Apply the sunscreen to the kids and give it time to dry on their skin before you allow them to get wet. If you plan on spending an extended amount of time at the beach you will need to reapply. Set an alarm on your phone so you remember to reapply the sunscreen after the recommended amount of time has elapsed (you can find the recommendation on the bottle of sunscreen).

Water Safety Devices

The type of water safety devices you pack will depend on the age and skill level of the children in your care. Some children just need a little help and only require floaties, while others will need a life jacket. Even with a life jacket, the children should never be left in the water unattended.

Food and Water

Manhattan is not known for sweltering heat like some other places in the U.S., but it is still easy to become dehydrated on a hot summer day at a New York beach. Pack plenty of water and snacks containing water, such as fresh fruit. Make sure the kids take frequent breaks to drink some water. If you are taking a picnic lunch, remember to bring ice packs if any of the food has to stay cold to prevent spoilage.


What to pack for a fun trip to the beach.

Outdoor Blanket and Towels

An outdoor blanket or towels will provide you and the kids with a place to sit down, cool off, have a snack, or read a book.

Sand Toys

One of the major draws of the beach for little children is all of the sand. Pack sand pails, shovels, shape molds, and any other sand toys the children have at home. If there are no sand toys available, get creative and take plastic spoons, cups, and bowls (with the parent’s permission of course).

Balls, Frisbees, and Other Outside Toys

Pack up any outdoor toys that would be fun and easy to play with at the beach. For example, balls and Frisbees are easy to pack and fun to play with on the beach.

It may seem like there are a lot of things to think about before you head off to the beach with the kids. Take your time as you pack so you can be sure you have everything needed to ensure a safe and fun trip. The extra time you take to prepare will be worth it when you see how much fun the kids have with the sand and water.


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