What is your Child Worth?

What is your Child Worth?

What is your Child Worth?


When you are considering childcare options for your little ones, there is much to consider. From goals and wishes for what your child’s life looks like when you are not around to budget, there are some big questions to answer while choosing the best option for your family.


A friend sent me an old newspaper clipping she saved from years ago. It was titled Babysitter Basics and was written for families that wanted to hire a teenage babysitter. It was fun to look at the recommendations from a bygone era. They talked about where to find babysitters (referrals from other mom friends, older siblings of your children’s playmates), what age should a babysitter be (between 13 and 16 years old because they are generally mature enough to handle themselves). They talked about what to do before the babysitter comes (leave the house tidy and try to have any items they might need out for them and make a list of house rules). Lastly they talked about negotiating pay rates before the sitter showed up at your house. They said that the national range was $5-$11/hr.  More than 27 years ago the national pay range for teenage babysitters was $5-$11/hr.  Over 20 years ago, I paid my children’s babysitter $10/hr. She was a high school student. She was great. I provided food for her, she did not have to tidy the house and I paid her $10/hr.


So, what is your child worth now?


Do you want to find a nanny that is college educated, experienced, professional and great with children? Just the right mix of seasoned yet passionate? Do you want her to be able to teach your 3 year old another language, prepare them for kindergarten and cook your meals, clean your house and do your laundry? That is great. We love helping families find that right mix of perfection.

HALT!!!!! What is your budget? This is where the dream meets reality.


Truthfully, a nanny is one the most expensive forms of in-home childcare. It is an investment in your family and in your child. A third parent, a house manager, an organizer of chaos, that is what a nanny is. But perhaps your budget is better suited to other options of childcare. Or perhaps, you just need to dial your expectations back some.

We have all heard the idiom, ‘you get what you pay for,’ and there is some truth to that. Another thought is, ‘be willing to pay for what you truly want.’


If you want the best, then be willing to pay for them to remain the best. If you need to dial back the expectations then be willing to do that. If your budget is on the lower end of the spectrum then be willing to just ask that the nanny take great care of your children.


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