Hiring an After School Nanny

Hiring an After School Nanny

Hiring an After School Nanny

Hiring an After School Nanny


Hiring an after school nanny probably isn’t on your radar while relaxing at the pool. With the summer flying by, it won’t be long before it’s time to figure out school schedules, transportation for extracurricular activities and tutoring for your child in their most dreaded subject. If last year was a little too stressful and you are looking for ways to make your responsibilities more manageable – it might be time to consider hiring an after school nanny.


But do I need an after school nanny?

Parents can often find themselves in a pinch between their work schedule and the school schedules of their kids! School may let out at 3:00pm, but the working world keeps busy until 5:00pm or later! Also, with children involved in extracurricular activities – two kids often have to be in two different locations at the same time!


For this reason, many of our families seek out a nanny to help with school pick-up and transportation to extracurricular activities. They quickly realize, however, that their nannies can relieve added stress in other areas!


In addition to waiting in the long carpool line for you, the nanny can make sure there is a meal on the table when you walk in that evening. With homework finished and dinner prepped, you’re free to have some quality play time with the kids or a fun family movie night.


What are other typical responsibilities of an after school nanny?

Responsibilities may include: Tutoring, preparing after school snacks, keeping the house neat & tidy, laundry, grocery shopping, errands, planning fun activities for the children and more!


When should I start looking?

Generally we encourage families to start looking for their dream nanny about a month prior to their start date. Finding a dream fit for your family is always our top priority and it is our pleasure to set up interviews for you with nannies that were hand-picked for your family.


An Added Bonus!

Many after school nannies can offer some flexibility if you would like to add a few hours a couple times a month! This is often an underestimated benefit because it eliminates the frustration and time required to find an available babysitter for the much needed date night.


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