Ideas For Creating A Home-School Room

Ideas For Creating A Home-School Room

Ideas For Creating A Home-School Room


Homeschool Ideas

Are you interested in learning how to create a home-school room for your children? Well, I have lots of ideas just for YOU. I created a home-school room using a spare bedroom on our 1st floor. It was originally our playroom, but honestly the kids never really played in there

*Update* I am working on uploading our current 2017 homeschool room. We’ve moved rooms and it’s one big mess. We’ve also added a new student to our little class, so I’m trying to make it accommodating for 2 students. I’ve added a few pictures of our 2017 homeschool room at the bottom of the post. I’ve added several before pictures, so you will need to check back within a couple of weeks for an updated blog post of the completed 2017 homeschool room for ages K – 2nd.

My Secret

I bet you didn’t know that I used to be a private school teacher many years ago. I bought the majority of the pre-school supplies and tools over 14-years ago. I setup my home-school room to reflect a “mini” classroom, so we would all be focussed on having fun while learning new things.

Check out my own personal home-school room below!

My room is set up as a preschool / K home school room

1. SELECT ROOM:  Select which room in your home that you would like to use as your home-school room. I am using a spare bedroom on our main floor, but you could also use a closet (just insert a desk and shelving), basement room or even your own hall-way.

2. USE A TABLE : Make sure that you provide a desk and or table and chairs for working on.

3. SCHOOL SUPPLY / STORAGE: Make sure that you make yourself a school-supply and craft closet. I store all of my school needed items in our guest bedroom closet. I had my husband install shelving. (See pictures below)

4. CENTERS: Setup centers throughout the room. I sectioned off each part of the room into little centers (See full list of centers below).


Months Of The Year {Calendar}
Months Of The Year {Calendar}
Calendar Math

Types Of Pre-School Learning Centers You Can Create In Your Home

  • Craft / Art Center
  • Block  / Legos Area
  • Book Center
  • Building Center
  • Cooking Area (Just use your own kitchen)
  • Computer Center
  • Dramatic Play / Dress Up
  • Housekeeping
  • Reading Nook
  • Listening Center
  • Math Center
  • Music Center
  • Puppet Area
  • Puzzle Area
  • Science / Discovery Center (Water / Sand Table (You can use large plastic bins and place outside)
  • Writing Center

Please don’t judge me based on the sloppy labels on the bins below! I haven’t gotten around to replacing them with cute little labels! 

School-Supply Storage
School-Supply Storage

Here’s A Little List Of Ideas For Creating A Home-School Room

Center Ideas –

1. Reading Center  – I created a little reading nook with books. I also placed a little rug and chair in the nook.

2. Math Center – I placed blocks, and other types of toys in this center on an easy to reach bookcase.

3. Science Center – I placed all kinds of faux insects on top of my bookcase for the children to explore along with sea shells. I will change this out for various seasons. I will place apples, small branches and leaves for Fall-time. I also placed magnifying glasses and tweezers in this center.

Do you home-school your children? 

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