Daily Schedule Ideas For Nannies

Daily Schedule Ideas For Nannies

Nanny Daily Schedule Ideas

Measure, Plan, and Schedule your Week

Almost every nanny would agree that balancing daily schedules is no easy feat. Not only are you responsible for managing your own time, but you also have to carefully plan out the week for the children, ensuring they’re where they need to be when they need to be there. Busy, Atlanta nannies have to balance supervising homework sessions with completing chores, while still being mindful of making time for fun.

Daily Schedule Ideas For Nannies

Creating structure is challenging and, as commitments can change from week to week, your schedule will be constantly evolving. For you nannies in Atlanta, it’s critical that you master how to measure, plan, and schedule your week. At Georgia’s Dream Nannies, we don’t want you to have to go at it alone so we’ve done the legwork to bring you these tips:

Step #1 Measure: List all of your commitments

Before you can begin scheduling your week, you need to know what you’re working with. Start measuring out your week by drafting up a list of all of your standing commitments. These are things you have to do like taking the kids to soccer practice or ensuring all of the laundry is done. Mark specific days, times, and due dates for each item so you’ll know when to schedule them in later.

Step #2 Plan: Prioritize

Too often, we find ourselves with not enough hours in the day. There may be a long list of things you want to do but they can’t always make the cut. To effectively schedule, you need to plan your week by prioritizing. On your list of commitments, rank each item from most important to least. Things like getting the children fed, to school, and completing homework will take the top spots while the less crucial items will rank lower.

Once you’ve prioritized, note the time commitment involved with each. In taking the children to school, make sure your schedule reflects the time spent fighting Atlanta traffic to ensure you don’t double-book yourself.


Step #3 Schedule: Set up reminders

Once you’ve measured and planned your week, you’re set to draft up your schedule! Start by penciling the important items into a planner. For each day, block off the hours in which you and the children have standing commitments. Once you have your priority items written down, begin working in those things lower down the list. You may have to look for ways to cut back on the time commitment of some so that you can squeeze more in. Look for activities that are closer to home to cut out time commuting, or consider meal planning in order to make the dinner process quicker.

After creating your schedule, it’s a good idea to set up reminders. You don’t want to be caught up in constantly checking your planner but we can all lose track of time so setting up a few alerts on your phone will help you stay on track.

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In learning how to effectively measure, plan, and schedule your week, you’ll be setting yourself up for smooth sailing. These 3 easy steps will help you master the calendar and make more time for what really matters.

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