Gifts to give household employees for the holidays

Gifts to give household employees for the holidays

Tips for Finding the Right Nanny or Housekeeper in Denver, ColoradoGifts to give household employees for the holidays


A Maid Service

Yes, you heard right! Your employees have been working all through the year, and it’s now time for a small break. The thought of all the clean-up and changes to be made in the home is exciting but bogging. It is too much work. Why don’t you give them a makeover and a time to relax by giving them a voucher to access the services of maid service at least over the holiday? Trust me you will have happy and fresh for work employees next year. Even as a homeowner, if some of the employees will be around during the holiday. It will help them relax and feel appreciated.

A holiday package

If you do not have many employees and it will not cost much to give each a holiday, consider it. Research a good place and negotiate with the destiny for a friendly package. They will love it.

A confirmation letter

Are there employees that have been on internship, on temporary basis, suspension or ripe for a promotion for some time now? Why don’t you give them that confirmation now as a surprise if they deserve it? There is no better time than when they are just about to join their families for celebration.

A raise or a bonus

This is a bit common for some companies. But times are tough. That extra shilling is to die for, and we all love money! That faithful employee deserves some appreciation over the holiday.

A painting, wall art or a plant

Once again, if you have small staff, you can personalize a painting, a wall art or just get a nice plant for home improvement for them. It could be fine prints, landscapes, animals or some character they adore. You could even get them a book or an aquarium. The idea is to give something with sentimental value. They will always remember you.

Holiday socks

No, this is not canny. Who doesn’t want some warm fuzzy pair of holiday socks? The chilly temperatures are just around the corner. Let your employees stay toasty with some festive footwear.

A fun night

Let employees come with their family dressed as Santa. Spot a good night event that will be fun for everyone including the kids. Let them be treated to a nice performance and good meals. They will love it.

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