8 Reasons why your Maid service should be using Eco-Friendly products

8 Reasons why your Maid service should be using Eco-Friendly products

8 Reasons why your Maid service should be using Eco-Friendly products8 Reasons why your Maid service should be using Eco-Friendly products


Did you know that every time you clean your home you are exposing your children, your animals and yourself to a slew of chemicals, some quite caustic? We have come to the place where we feel as though our homes are not clean unless they smell like a cocktail of synthetic fragrances and contain a myriad of harmful cleaning agents.

What if I shared with you that there is a different way your home can smell clean and fresh, be disinfected, virus and bacteria free by using natural cleaners scented with pure organic essential oils. If you are not using natural Eco-friendly cleaning products let me share with you 8 reasons you should be, and since our company does, maybe you should consider allowing us to handle your cleaning needs in our pristine, high quality and Eco-friendly manner.

  1. Caustic chemicals are absorbed through your skin.

That means that each time you pull out the Clorox spray cleaner or the Lysol disinfecting wipes, your skin is absorbing chemicals that can have an effect on your health and well-being when your maid company uses these same chemicals there is residue left on your counters, back-splashes, and toilets.


  1. Chemicals left lingering in the air can cause breathing problems for your children and animals.

You wouldn’t think of keeping your toddler in a bathroom where shower cleaner has just been sprayed, however, they are still being exposed to the lingering effects of those fumes for days after cleaning these areas in our homes.


  1. Synthetic perfumes can cause a flare up in allergies and asthmatic symptoms.

Even in people without diagnosed asthma and seasonal allergies, the synthetic fragrances and purfumes   can cause flare-ups from a simple runny nose to a more serious wheezing.


  1. Chemical cleaners release toxins into the environment through our water systems and through air pollution. We flush the chemicals down the toilets and wash them down the drains both of which are adding to environmental pollution in the name of a clean home.


  1. Eco-Friendly products are safer than conventional cleaning aids and do not cause corrosive burns, skin and eye irritations and lingering effects in the home. These are effects that are not only a concern for the person cleaning but also for those who shower or touch sanitized areas after they have been cleaned.


  1. Many times the full ingredient list for conventional cleaning agents is not listed due to lax oversight, Eco-friendly products have very few ingredients and are usually clearly labeled. Also, by scenting products with pure, organic essential oils they become much safer to use.


  1. Overuse of Antibacterial products is discouraged by the American Medical Association Many conventional cleaning products proudly boast “Antibacterial” whereas natural Eco-friendly products can be plant-based and eradicate bacteria without the added concerns that the AMA addresses.


  1. Eco-Friendly products are not bioaccumulative. Bioaccumulative products build up in our bodies and are not easily purged (most synthetic chemical compounds) therefore causing health problems, Eco-friendly products do not have this effect.


As you can see, using Eco-friendly products is clearly the healthier choice for your home, your family, and your pets. If your current cleaning company is not using environmentally friendly and naturally scented products consider trying our company out, you won’t be disappointed.


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