Don Deville Manager at Georgia’s Dream Nannies

Don Deville Manager at Georgia’s Dream Nannies

Don "Manager & Owner"

Don Deville, Manager at Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc.

In addition to working with Serra as one of the founding principals when she started the Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc.  business in 2003, Don brought with him experience managing a multimillion dollar construction company. His aggressive team building techniques and forward-thinking sales management style helped satisfy the high demands of upscale homeowners, thereby directing profits upwardly from less than one million to two million gross sales in just over a year.

He set very ambitious sales goals for the company and achieved this by selectively hand picking and training candidates for different offices in three states. Acting as General Manager, he facilitated complex dispute resolution matters, directed risk management systems, negotiated millions of dollars of insurance claims, created intricate computer estimates, did internal contract reviews, managed healthy relationships with large loss insurance adjusters, initiated bidding activities, managed projects with differing site conditions, ensured regulatory compliance, and executed innovative marketing strategies. His field experience and hard won expertise in this area helped him gain the keen insight and resourcefulness that he has today.

In 2013, Don decided it was time to shift from working part time with Georgia’s Dream Nannies over the past 10 years to full time. He is effectively leading the company to a new level, and remains fully dedicated to our clients by providing only the best all around service.

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