Top 5 Characteristics to Look for in a Nanny: PART 2

Top 5 Characteristics to Look for in a Nanny: PART 2


Top 5 Characteristics to Look for in a Nanny: PART 2


Last week we looked at 5 characteristics to look for during interviews with potential nannies. I even threw in a bonus characteristic. Those first characteristics discussed are really important to look for in a first interview when you are looking for general interest and compatibility. This week let’s look at 5 more characteristics to keep your eyes open for when spending more in depth time with a potential nanny for your family. This is the time to keep your eyes open to the more specific ideas that indicate if this is a good fit.


Do your IDEAS and PHILOSOPHIES match up when it comes to raising children? Discipline? Organization around the house? These may seem like less consequential issues at first, but they can quickly become huge problem issues. It is important not just to look for a nanny that thinks the exact same way you do. There are huge benefits to a nanny that has slightly different techniques, thoughts and ideas about what might work. She can balance out and bring wisdom and a certain level of creativity and approach to situations and issues that might come up. However, it is important to know if your overall philosophies line up and if you are on the same page.


Is your potential nanny able to ARTICULATE discipline approaches that have worked in the past? Is she able to clearly define what might have worked in past situations or family environments? Do you feel comfortable with the answers she gives? Is she able to demonstrate a certain level of creativity regarding her approach to difficult situations in the past?


Does she ask THOUGHTFUL questions about your children? About your family and routines? Does she seem to take an interest in your children and ask questions that demonstrate she pays attention? Does she ask detailed questions that demonstrate she is truly interested in your children? Does she ask good questions about details regarding your family routines and structure? Does she ask clarifying questions when observing different dynamics in your family set up? Does she ask detailed questions about what is expected of her?



What is her EDUCATION style? Does she like work and play learning? Does she like to do arts and crafts? Does she want to read to your child? Does she prefer to take your children on field trips? Does her activity level fit well with your family? Does she bring something to your family that you have not considered before? Do you feel she can enhance and further the training and development of your children?


Does she have the specific SKILLSET that fits your family and your needs? Does she know how to cook in a manner that your family is comfortable with? Does she discuss handling errands and laundry and general housekeeping and smooth running of your home? Think about the specific needs of your family and make sure that you feel comfortable with her answers.


Keep these 11 characteristics in mind when you are interviewing potential candidates and you may find that the perfect nanny for you and your family does exist and there can be a really smooth transition period.

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