Staying Healthy While Pregnant

Staying Healthy While Pregnant

Staying Healthy While Pregnant


Pregnancy! For those of us who would like to be pregnant, it is so full of hope. For those of us who are pregnant, well, depending on your current hormonal state determines how you feel about life and pregnancy right this very second. For those of us who will no longer be pregnant because that ship has sailed we are filled with a certain wistfulness. We know that our health effects our general quality of life. If you want to have a healthy pregnancy, increased energy and vitality all while growing a tiny human here are some tips.


Be Aware Of the Mind/Body Connection – There is such a strong link between our thoughts and feelings and the physical effect it has on our body. Between fluctuating hormones, strain on our bodies and emotional ups and downs it is easy to occasionally fall out of love with being pregnant. If you find that happening, don’t be afraid to give yourself a little cheerleading pep talk. You are happy, you are excited, you might be overwhelmed but it all works out in the end. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that what is most important is that your little tiny person needs to feel your love. Talk to your baby. Allow yourself to dream about all of the fun you are going to have with your little one. Once you have talked yourself back into a happy place you might just find that the physical symptoms are less intense.


Eat Healthy – Make sure to avoid preservatives, extra salt and unnatural foods. Make sure you are adding extra fruits and vegetables into your body. Make sure you have extra (healthy) snacks on hand. Your baby’s body, brain, organs, are all developing at rapid rates. We hear about weird pregnancy cravings (I craved tuna and ketchup together – YUCK). Just make sure that you are feeding your body healthy nutrients.


Appropriate Exercise – For the first few months there is little modification needed in exercise (MAKE SURE YOU ARE FOLLOWING DOCTOR’S ORDERS). But as your little one starts to grow you will find that there are some exercise formats that will greatly help you. Pilates, yoga and walking, swimming, all are great for gently stretching out the tendons and muscles that need to stretch but will also keep your body in shape and ultimately help you bounce back quickly.


Pamper Yourself – Two words. PRENATAL MASSAGE. Pedicures. Herbal tea in the evenings (only what is safe and recommended by your doctor), Make sure that you are packing in all the fun you can before baby’s arrival but remember to slow down once in a while.


Rest – Your body is growing a little person. Take naps when you can. Rest when you are able. Make sure that you have created a calm and serene nighttime routine so that you can get as much sleep as possible, between bathroom trips, kicks to your ribs and the general sudden urge to sleep on your stomach.


From the very first moment, our children take every ounce of extra that we have. Extra nutrients, extra energy, extra time. They will continue to do that well into their adult years. Enjoy this sweet time with your baby and make sure that you have taken care of yourself so that you can always give your best.





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