Does your Nanny really know what she’s doing

Does your Nanny really know what she’s doing

Does your Nanny really know what she’s doing


Does your Nanny really know what she’s doing?


How do you make sure your nanny really does know what she’s doing? Is it ok to ask your nanny to read up and be current on the newest ways to help your child reach those all-important developmental milestones? Well let’s consider how you approach your job.

Do you try to keep up with new developments in your industry? Of course you do! Are you offended if your boss recommends that you read a particular book on a new style of management? Probably not. And your nanny won’t be either! She should be eager to learn new ways of interacting with your child that will help him grow and develop into a happy and healthy person.

We here at Georgia’s Dream Nannies want to recommend three books that will be beneficial for both you and your nanny to read!

3 Recommended Books for You & Your Nanny


1.     The Whole – Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson, PH.D.

This practical book gives twelve key strategies to encourage healthy brain development and help your children grow into calm well-adjusted people. In the book, you’ll learn…

·      How a child’s brain is wired

·      How a child’s brain matures over time

·      How to explain how the brain works in an easy-to-understand way to your children

A Sneak Peek Inside…

You know how when you’re happy, your brain puts a smile on your face? Well, the same thing works backwards a little. If you smile for a while, even if you’re sad, you’ll start to feel a bit better. –The Whole-Brain Child

2.     The Pocket Parent by Gail Reichlin and Caroline Winkler

This book really is a pocket size book that is great to carry around with you and reference as needed. It is filled with reassurances for new parents. The authors use humor and practical real life advice to cover a myriad of difficult parenting situations. Lots of useful information that is easy to access! A few things to look forward to…

·      There is a “Take Heart” section for every chapter- sharing actual experiences of other parents!

·      There are sections covering all the issues parents face (potty training, bed time, tantrums, etc.)

·      Offers Pocket Parent suggestions (called sanity savers)- excellent advice!

A little information on the authors…

Gail Reichlin is an international speaker/consultant on discipline for parents and teachers of children two to six years old. She is also the founder and director of the Parents Resource Network in Chicago – a non-profit organization since 1984. She also co-hosted a cable television program on parenting with Caroline Winkler. Each of the authors have 3 children of there own.

3.     What’s Going On In There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life by Lise Elliot.

This book is not what I would consider light reading! It is long, very detail oriented and scientific. Here are just a few of the things Lise covers…

·      Scientifically explains nature vs. nurture and how a child’s environment affects his development

·      Explains how the male and female brains differ

·      Discusses the five senses and how functional they are during pregnancy and infancy

A little information on Lise Eliot…

Lise Eliot is a research neuroscientist and has studied the human brain her entire adult life. It wasn’t until she became pregnant with her first child that she decided to focus on how the baby’s brain is formed, and how each sense, skill, and development is genetically ordained or environmentally influenced.


So I would say yes it does matter- your nanny really does need to know what she’s doing! The more educated you and your nanny are about how your child grows and develops the better prepared you will all be to support and encourage them as they become the happy well balanced person they are meant to be.

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