Letting Go

Letting Go

Letting Go


It’s time to start LETTING GO of certain dreams, pride, control, friends, past hurts and habits to name just a few. You see, I started a little in-home staffing agency called Georgia’s Dream Nannies right around 15-years ago from scratch, but I’ve always had a problem of “letting go” of things in my personal and work-life.


Letting Go – Is a Daily Choice

I’ll share a few things with you about my daily battle with letting things go. I don’t know about you, but it was very difficult for me to let go of Facebook and not check it every 5 minutes. I’ve also had a very hard time of letting go running my business from day-to-day and controlling every aspect of it. You see, a business owner just can’t run every aspect of their business while growing and achieve awesome results. It takes a small army to help grow a thriving business.


Letting Go of Perfection

I’ve also struggled with the way pillows are displayed on my couch. I prefer a nice karate chop in the middle and quite frankly kids like to sit on them and throw them on the floor – daily! It’s okay to yawn now – LOL, but the struggle is real.  I’ve had to let go of dressing my daughter in adorable little matching outfits with ruffled socks and cute hair-bows.  Yes, I struggle with the hair-bow dilemma – daily!

The truth is – I don’t like letting go. Nope. I really don’t like to let go of anything for too long. I want to freeze all of the good times in my life and hold onto memories and force everyone around me to endure my pain, but I simply can’t do it and have sane people around me. Time is literally flying by me and if I continue to grasp everything that I want to control too hard, then I miss what’s happening all around me. I miss the GROWTH that happens organically around me.


Missing Moments

You see, if I don’t let go of the “my daughter is still little and loves to wear hair-bow” fantasy, then I miss the fact that she’s growing into an independent little thinker with a mind of her own. If I’m not careful with my words and actions, then I can actually squash the independence I desire for her in the long-run. I want her to be an independent thinker and all, but if I’m not helping foster it in the little things, then how will she ever feel independent with her voice in the things that really matter in her life.


What about YOU?

What moments are you missing out on right now? Did you mess up your nanny interview  and miss the chance to nail your dream nanny job?

Did you miss hiring the nanny of your dreams for your family and now you are upset and taking it out on everyone else?

Are you too busy trying to be a super nanny for a family that you forget to take care of your own personal needs?

Did you hire the right nanny or domestic staff for your home, but you are so busy “controlling” her every move that you forget to notice how wonderful she really is with your children or could be if given the chance to grow with your family. Are you thankful for the growth or focussed on the negative?

Are you still searching for the perfect nanny and can’t let go of the fact it doesn’t exist? Yes, a good nanny exists, but perfect – nope…if she’s human…then no! Read this article to help you find and hire a good nanny.


Gratitude and Thanksgiving

I have a challenge for YOU. What if we all really try to let go of something. Anything. Your choice. Let’s grab a hold of “giving thanks” and have a heart of gratitude this month. As we approach Thanksgiving let’s all work on LETTING GO…. and giving THANKS for what we do have in our lives instead of looking for ways to hold on to what we need to really be LETTING GO of in our lives.



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