4 Big Misconceptions Job Seekers Think About Companies and Employers

4 Big Misconceptions Job Seekers Think About Companies and Employers

4 Big Misconceptions Job Seekers Think About Companies and Employers


We, at Georgia’s Dream Nannies really do love working with job seekers and helping them find their dream job, but we’ve noticed that some candidates have misconceptions about companies and employers. We’ve compiled a mini list of 4 big misconceptions job seekers think about companies and employers. Please let us know if you would add anything to our list below in our comments section. We love hearing back from you!

1. They Must Work On My Watch! 

This is a big no-no! Please remember the recruiter (Placement Coordinator) is not sitting at his or her desk with nothing else to do during the day. Recruiters (Placement coordinators) would love to answer every message that you send her way and in most cases she will get to them, but please refrain from multiple points of contact unless requested.

You see, most recruiters (Placement coordinators) simply do not have time to answer multiple messages from job seekers (countless phone calls, social media messages, and emails) on a daily basis. Most recruiters (Placement coordinators) would appreciate you applying for a job you are interested in (qualify for) and send one email to the recruiter if you do not hear back anything within 2-days.

Most recruiters (Placement coordinators) who are helping you find a job would love more than anything to help you land your dream job, but they typically are helping a few hundred other top-notch candidates as well. If the recruiter (Placement coordinators) is interested in working with you, then you will probably hear from them immediately following your application.

Tip – Have patience! Be kind. You will come across more professional – this is the goal!

2. Negative Talk Will Get Me Noticed!

Ranting and slandering companies or employers is a great way to get noticed and hired. No! No! No! Ranting on social media sites or sending countless emails in regards to not receiving returned phone calls should be dealt with privately and in a professional manner. Remember to always be nice and professional, even when you are not happy with something, especially if you call to speak to someone in the office.

3. Taking It Personally Is The Best Way To Handle Rejection

Please remember to handle rejection professionally and don’t take it to heart. Keep your head up and move along and apply for the next position or potentially look at a whole new career path.  I know it can be very hard and confusing when you are passed over for an interview or job, but don’t let it define you. Be strong and push on!

4. I Should Let Everyone Know That I’m The Best Candidate Out There – Prideful talk! 

Having too much pride about your abilities and treating others who are trying to help you find or get a job rudely is not a good way to get noticed. I’m not talking about confidence – you need confidence.  It’s okay to let the recruiter (Placement coordinator) know that you have a lot of experience, but don’t come across as prideful, pushy, arrogant or rude about your experience and skills. Be nice!

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