How To Nail Your Interview For A Nanny Job

How To Nail Your Interview For A Nanny Job

How To Nail Your Nanny Job InterviewHow To Nail Your Interview For A Nanny Job


Have you ever wondered how to nail the interview for a nanny job and work with a fabulous family? Do you want to be a career nanny, but not sure how to get past the interview part? Do you feel that you have the education, dependability, experience, passion and drive to watch children, but not sure how to interview with an agency or family? Well, I am here to help you nail the nanny job interview with lots of insider tips.

How To Nail Your Interview For A Nanny Job – Apply for a nanny job

Apply for a nanny ob that interests you and one that you could see yourself keeping long-term, unless it’s a temporary nanny job. Don’t sit around your home and think about a new nanny job – Start applying for nanny jobs and get out there interviewing.

Tip – Don’t setup interviews with the Agency (Georgia’s Dream Nannies) or the family just to see if they are willing to accommodate your needs. Don’t waste your time! Make sure that you are fully aware of the job BEFORE you interview with the Agency or family.

Tip – Please make sure that you thoroughly read over the job details, location, number of children, hours, pay, etc. If you see something in the job details that you are unsure about or know would not fit your needs, then ask the Placement Coordinator if the family is willing to negotiate terms (pay, days of the week needed, car, holiday pay, hours and so on) BEFORE you interview. Some families may be willing to add a couple of hours a week to the job to make it more appealing (37 hours and change to 40 hours); However, most families will not bump up the hours more than 3 -5 hours per week).

Tip – Don’t interview with a family expecting them to change the job duties. Talk to your Placement Coordinator BEFORE the interview if you have any questions about changes, etc. The job may not be the best fit if you need to negotiate to many things to fit your needs. It’s always best to wait on the BEST fit rather than take a job that you will regret later and then ruin your name with the Agency or family.

Tip – If you are allergic to cats, then don’t apply for a job with cats because the family is not going to remove the family pet for you.

How To Nail Your Interview For A Nanny Job – Setup the interviews within a timely manner How To Nail Your Nanny Job Interview

If you’ve been asked to interview for a nanny job with an Agency or family, then respond within 24 hours with an answer of accepting or declining. Never – EVER ignore the Agency or families request for an interview. It’s extremely unprofessional and will likely hurt your chances of getting a nanny job down the road.

What happens if I respond to an interview, but I don’t hear back from the Agency or family? Call the Agency and email the Agency. Next, politely let them know the situation. Don’t send prideful, derogatory or condescending emails indicating your annoyance with the Agency or family. It makes you look unstable, mean, angry and unprofessional.

Be nice.

Be polite.

Be professional.

How To Nail Your Interview For A Nanny Job – Show up on time for your interview

It’s really quite simple, but so many job seekers (nannies) miss this important step. Put a timer on your phone to remind you of the interview and make sure that you google search the location BEFORE the interview and contact the AGENCY or family if the directions given to you look confusing one to two days BEFORE the interview. Don’t call the Agency or family on the day of the interview because you are unprepared and running late due to getting lost.

Tip – Make a trial run to the location of the interview the day before to make sure you know where to go!

Don’t create excuses for showing up late or missing your interview. You would be shocked at the amount of grandma’s, sisters, pets and other family relatives that die on the day of the interview. I truly do believe some things happen that we cannot control, but having 3 grandmother’s die on the same day and 4 other interviewers had cars that died just sounds a bit suspicious. My word of advice for you –

Be honest.

Be truthful.

Don’t lie.

Don’t make up excuses.

Be on time.

Be respectful of others time.

Be dependable.

If you can’t be honest and dependable for a job interview, then do not apply for a household / domestic staffing job. PERIOD. Don’t lie. If you have a tendency to lie why you are late, then working in the household field may not be a good fit for you. Please remember that domestic staffing jobs do not have the luxury of having someone else cover your shift if you decide to sleep in or take a day off to go shopping.

You need to want this job – Really want it!

How To Nail Your Interview For A Nanny Job – Be prepared for your interview.

What should I include on my Nanny resume? One of the very first statements that you should include on your Nanny resume should be a summary (objective) at the beginning of the page (after your name, address and phone number of course). The summary should consist of a few quick and strong statements of your work experiences, achievements, and summary of skills at the beginning of your resume.

  1. Name, address, phone number and email address
  2. Start off with your summary (objective) or brief summary about yourself (Yes, you read it right – write a short blurb about yourself here).  This is a household employment position and more than likely moms will be the ones reading your resume. You should write a brief objective or summary about what you are seeking in a position, but keep short, sweet and as broad as possible. In other words, you could say something like this “I am seeking a full-time or part-time nanny position where I can utilize my  Early Childhood degree, 5-years of nanny experience, French-speaking background……and so on” …….You get the point.
  3. List of your qualifications
  4. Professional experience & Continue reading here

How To Nail Your Interview For A Nanny Job – Create a professional cover letter

It’s always a good idea to include a nanny cover letter or introductory letter when applying for a nanny job or any domestic staffing job with Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc. A nanny cover letter includes a brief description about you on a more personal level. You may want to include fun facts about yourself that the client may not otherwise know about you from reading your Nanny resume. Please try to keep your nanny cover letter to one page or shorter. A typical nanny cover letter is just a few paragraphs long.  Your nanny cover letter should highlight the reasons why the family should hire YOU over another nanny. Continue reading here

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Helpful Tips:

  1. Social Media  – Always check your profile and make sure that you have an appropriate and professional picture of yourself.
  2. Get a Nanny Portfolio ready – Georgia’s Dream Nannies helps ALL of our nannies with a portfolio before they meet with our family!
  3. Make a professional voicemail on your phone. Please do not have random music playing in the background or use un-professional language on your voicemail.
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