How to Prepare for your Nanny Interview

How to Prepare for your Nanny Interview

How to Prepare for your Nanny InterviewHow to Prepare for your Nanny Interview

Interviewing is just like an (almost) blind date, but with no romantic kiss at the end. It’s usually a bit uncomfortable and awkward and there’s a lot of uncertainty. You are trying to build a relationship with this family and you are asking them to trust you with their most treasured possessions – their children. So first impressions are very important!

In an interview situation, you are marketing yourself as a product and so you need to project the best image possible. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you must look like a professional and polished Nanny. You should arrive looking neat, tidy, well-groomed, and presenting a positive image.

Make sure you bring all the relevant paperwork with you to the interview and present it to the family in a professional folder. How do you put your best self forward? Well, your hair should be a natural color for your skin tone. Your nails should be neat and groomed, manicured with a neutral polish if possible. If you wear a skirt it should be knee length. None of your clothing should be either too tight or too loose, make sure everything you wear fits perfectly. Make sure you look your very best!

What about accessories? Let’s tone down the bling ladies. You don’t want the interviewer distracted by your giant dangling earrings, chunky bracelets and many gold necklaces. [No matter how pretty and sparkly they are]

Click here for some excellent examples of what to wear on your interview.

How to Prepare for your Nanny Interview

There are two things you should never say at an interview and the most important one is “Sorry I’m late”. Life happens. Maybe you couldn’t find your car keys, there was an accident on the freeway or you spilled coffee all over your blouse. Give yourself extra time just in case these time-suckers accidentally happen. You should always arrive at the interview location at least 15 minutes early. Be aware that the family may be interviewing another nanny right before your scheduled interview so time your entrance accordingly.

The second thing you should never say during your interview is anything negative about any of the previous families you have worked with. No one wants to think that their Nanny is ever going to gossip about them and since you are intimately aquatinted with every aspect of their life this is extremely important. Always use discretion. Click here to read about the 4 Big Misconceptions Job Seekers Think About Companies and Employers

We here at Georgia’s Dream Nannies want each and every one of you to find the perfect long term nanny position. So put your best foot forward, dress appropriately and most important of all smile! Click here to start your search for the perfect nanny job.

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Helpful Tips:

  1. Social Media  – Always check your profile and make sure that you have an appropriate and professional picture of yourself.
  2. Get a Nanny Portfolio ready – Georgia’s Dream Nannies helps ALL of our nannies with a portfolio before they meet with our family!
  3. Make a professional voicemail on your phone. Please do not have random music playing in the background or use un-professional language on your voicemail.
  4. Make sure that you have a professional email just for work use. Remember you want to give a good first impression. Click here to learn how to get noticed and land your dream nanny job!
  5. Click here to learn how to make a professional cover letter.
  6. How To Write A Good Resume – A Must See   Click Here



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