How Soon Should You Start Searching For A Nanny?

How Soon Should You Start Searching For A Nanny?

How Soon Should You Start Searching For A Nanny?


If you use a nanny service like Georgia’s Dream Nannies, then you have a little wiggle room with the search process. We typically prefer one to two weeks to conduct a nanny search; However, the majority of our clients only give us a few days to a week to conduct a search and place a nanny in the home.  If you search on your own, then you will probably want to give yourself a couple of months to conduct the process. If you do go on your own, then you will need to prepare for the search because it is a full-time job. Most parents don’t think about that part of the search. I have received phone call after phone call from families who have searched on their own using online DIY sites and they have become extremely frustrated because it’s turned into a full-time job.


Start searching for a nanny at 2-weeks to 1-month prior to hire date

Georgia’s Dream Nannies begins the recruiting and searching process months in advance before a family calls our agency because we want to be ready for a family who needs a nanny quickly.


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