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Georgia’s Dream Nannies celebrates 15-years of business

Georgia's Dream Nannies celebrates 15-years of business   15 years ago, in February 2003, Serra Deville opened Georgia’s Dream Nannies. What started as a dream to help clients find great nannies and nannies find great families, has become a thriving 15-year-old boutique recruiting company. Through the last 15 years, Georgia’s Dream Nannies has experienced a lot. Serra’s husband Don, a successful businessman, joined in...

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Play-dough Fun

Play-dough Fun   We are so excited to share this scented play dough recipe with you. If you are ready for your nanny children to have some fun in the Sun then try whipping up some homemade play-dough and playing on a blanket outside in the sunshine.   Here is our recipe for fun: 1 cup Flour ¼ cup Salt 1 TBSP. Crème of tartar 1 TBSP Vegetable Oil 10...

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5 Ways to Reduce Stress

5 Ways to Reduce Stress   Stress seems to be the currency of the busy. We often feel like we are not being successful if we are not overstressed and underhappy (yes, I know it’s not an actual word- YET). But, life is not meant to be overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips to live with contentment.   1. Simplify – Do you need to...

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Nanny Vs. Babysitter

Nanny Vs. Babysitter   Do you know what the difference is between a nanny and a babysitter? Do you think there is a difference? Do you think it really matters? At Georgia’s Dream Nannies we work with professional nannies and help them find to families and connect them together. Let me just answer these questions. Yes and yes. The Merriam-Webster definition of nanny is...

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Comparison steals your joy

Comparison steals your joy   Did you know that comparison steals your joy? Have you ever scrolled through social media (pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and started to compare yourself to unrealistic pictures of skinny women, careers that always seem more fulfilling than your job, boyfriends and husbands who seem to be super romantic, homes that are bigger than your tiny apartment and the...

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