What Does A Nanny Do All Day

What Does A Nanny Do All Day


What Does A Nanny Do All Day

What does a nanny do all day? Many clients often ask us “what can I ask my nanny to do while the baby is napping?” (they really don’t want to pay her to sit around watching TV or texting and I don’t blame them). But let’s really take a minute to consider what the traditional duties of a nanny include.


What does a nanny do all day?

1)    She does the children’s laundry (including all clothes, towels and bedding).

2)    She keeps the children’s bedrooms and playrooms neat and tidy.

3)   She prepares the children’s meals and cleans up the kitchen afterward.

4)   She washes and sterilizes any bottles.

5)   She transports the children to and from various activities.

6)   She plans fun outings or activities, prepares lesson plans, and keeps the children’s life organized. (If you have ever cleaned out a child’s toy chest or gone through last season’s clothes to see if anything still fits, you know that this can be time consuming!)

7)   With the advantages of technology, many nannies love sending photos and texts – keeping the parents updated on daily achievements or fun moments they might otherwise miss. 


It is OK for your nanny to sit down and eat lunch and just breath for a short break while the baby is napping. While she does still get paid for this time-after all she can’t very well leave to run a personal errand; she will be a better nanny/employee with a little time to relax and rejuvenate.


Once your children are a little older and start attending preschool or are in that preteen stage where they don’t need quite as much supervision –  it is a good time to think about hiring what we here at Georgia’s Dream Nannies call a nanny manager (Read more about our other services here).


Some additional nanny “manager” duties include:

1)   Before the children are picked up from school the nanny can do light to moderate house cleaning.

2)    She can prepare meals.

3)   She can run your errands.

4)    She can do your grocery shopping.

5)    She can take care of just about anything else you can think of!


*Then once she picks up the children from school she will be able to focus all her time and energy on their well-being.


What does a nanny do all day?

Well, when you come home to happy, well-adjusted children and a neat and organized home just be aware that a lot of time, effort and love has been extended on you and your family’s behalf.

Let us give you the perfect Household help.  Call us right now.  Let’s do this.  Together.  

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