Have you ever wondered what sets you apart as a professional nanny?

Have you ever wondered what sets you apart as a professional nanny?

Have you ever wondered what sets you apart as a professional nanny? How can you command top dollar for your expertise? What is expected of you as a professional nanny? Most importantly, what is expected of you as a Georgia’s Dream Nanny?


Always Strive for Excellence – Go above and beyond the minimum expectation. Have a daily schedule (not just a daily routine). Keep the children in your care actively engaged in the world around them. Families hire nannies to create a positive experience each day for their children. Make sure that snacks and meals are prepared, homework or chores are accomplished, but go the extra mile and teach children to enjoy the world around them, to care for the environment they live in and to create a positive place. Show them this by example.


Be Trustworthy, Honorable and Act with Integrity – A family has chosen you to provide a higher level of engagement and care than their children would get in any other situation. They expect you to provide the one on one care and nurture that they would give their children. Stay off of your phone. Get off of the couch. Be proactive at creating those positive experiences for their children.


Be Competent & Improve Continually – Whether looking on Pinterest for crafts, projects, teaching tools or healthy recipes to pursuing ongoing education always try to expand your knowledge base. Look for articles on the internet that provide insight into a behavior issue, or simply challenge you to think about an issue in a different way, enjoy the process of learning.


Be Respectful of confidentiality – As a nanny, whether a child spills family stories, parents share personal frustrations, or simply they trust you with their credit card and where they keep their important documents, always be someone your family can trust. You have a front row seat into their personal lives. Honor your family by keeping their privacy.


Set Good Examples – Be active – encourage physical activity by example. Limit screen time – you are not hired to simply supervise children on electronics. Stay off of the phone yourself. Treat other household staff with respect. Engage with the children in your care in a positive, encouraging and respectful manner.


Honor Your Commitments – If you made commitments in your interview and hiring process to be active and engaging with the children, then keep those commitments. Keep your word – it matters.


Have the Tools You Need – Be prepared. Spend time each week preparing for activities, crafts and meals. Take a few minutes at the end of one week, or the start of the next week to plan and organize and you will be a much more productive nanny.


Remember that you are an integral part of the family you are serving. They have chosen you to provide the hands on care for their children that they cannot provide themselves at that moment. Value the family you serve and the invest in the lives of their children and you will find that you are an indispensable professional nanny. You will be the cream of the crop.

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