Nanny Services in Savannah GA

Nanny Services in Savannah GA

Nanny Services in Savannah, GA


Did you know that Georgia’s Dream Nannies can help you find a nanny in Savannah, Tybe Island, Jekyll Island, and even Pooler, GA? Yes! We’ve been helping families since 2003. We have a streamlined process and for every 50 candidates, we find only a small handful make it through our elite selection process. What does this mean to you? Quality.  We have knowledgeable and caring staff who are ready to help you  (Contact Us Here).  What if you could interview three nannies or housekeepers and hire a household employee in less than 3-hours?  See how it works – Click Here

Temporary Domestic Staff Available for Vacationers in Savannah, GA

We have a deep love for the South and the people who live there and visit the area. We, at Georgia’s Dream Nannies are offering a unique solution to families visiting temporarily who may need domestic help for a week or several months at a time. If you like to vacation in  Savannah, Tybe Island, Jekyll Island, Pooler and other surrounding areas, then make sure you remember to contact us. We want to help you enjoy time with family and not worry about business affairs (Personal Assistants can help with that), cleaning your home (Housekeepers), date nights (Nannies), cooking healthy meals (Chefs) and lastly prepping and maintaining your 2nd home and or estate (House Managers) can help you.

Hiring Domestic Staff Permanently

If you would like to hire a Nanny, Chef, Personal Assistant, Housekeeper, Household Manager (other domestic help available – see complete listing here) for longer than several months, then permanent staff would be the best solution for you. Are you overwhelmed and just want someone to help you figure out what you need? No problem. You can call our offices and a friendly Client Coordinator will help you find the best solution. You can hire someone for 12-hours a week or as much as 50-hours a week. It’s up to you! Hiring a Nanny or Housekeeper in Savannah, Tybe Island, Jekyll Island, Pooler and other surrounding areas doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful. Let us handle all of the details and help you now! Contact Us Now

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