How To Make More Money As A Nanny

How To Make More Money As A Nanny

How To Make More Money As A Nanny

How To Make More Money As A Nanny

How do I make more money as a Nanny? 

It’s a question that a lot of nannies, housekeepers and household managers always ask our agency. Well, for starters, you can make a professional cover letter {Click here for a sample} and a top-notch resume {Click here to see a sample} and always make sure that you have your references typed up and ready to go – You don’t have to give them to the families immediately, but you need to have them ready to present if needed.

Dress The Part

Make sure that you dress professionally for your interview. No jeans – please! I’m not suggesting a business suit, but please dress business casual for your interview, so you look professional and you look well-polished.

Be Playful

Make sure that you show parents you have a playful side as well as a serious side. Let them see the REAL you.

Have Confidence

Make sure that you are confident in yourself and your abilities to watch children, but not over confident because then you look prideful. If you are “called” to be in the household industry, then confidence should come naturally in this field when you interview. If you are not confident about your abilities watching children or cleaning homes (if a housekeeper), then you may want to look into something else that better suits your personality.

Get Experience

You can’t expect to go into a job with little to no experience making top-pay just because  you think that you are worth it. The economy has changed a lot over the years and there are a lot of great job seekers that you will compete with during an interview. You need to set yourself apart by gaining valuable childcare and or other job related experience and be reasonable with your job pay expectations. Sometimes you have to start off working in a less desirable position just to gain experience before you “really make it”. I don’t know of very many people who started off at their dream job and making their dream salary at the beginning of their careers (vary rarely).

Gain Professional Experience

You can make more money as a nanny by gaining professional experience.  You can also make more money as a nanny by conducting yourself in a professional manner by writing a top-notch resume, cover-letter and continue to educate yourself in the field of experience that you wish to grow in professionally. You can also take online educational college classes.
Side Note:  This is a blog post – meaning that these are my personal thoughts and opinions, and I am in no-way promising that you will land a job, get a raise or even make more money by following my suggestions. 

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