Dear Nanny in Georgia

Dear Nanny in Georgia

Dear Nanny in Georgia

Dear Nanny in Georgia,

It’s been a long Monday! You are probably exhausted from restarting all the good habits that were broken over the weekend. Keep calm and read on.

I have compiled a list of tricks, tips and fun ideas to help get a head start next Monday

    1. Help the kids and parents to connect all week.  Acknowledge that it is right and healthy for parents and kids to have shared experiences all the time. Try to encouragethose relationships during the week by face-timing Mommy at work during break, or texting Daddy a pic of a silly face and asking for one in return. Connecting with Mom and Dad all week will help them to feel less desperate to cram the weekend full of lax rules, museum visits, park play and pancakes until they pop!

    2. Don’t storm in with an iron fist!  Ease back into the routine as much as possible. You are tired, they are tired, everyone is suffering. Try to sympathize with your little terrors…I mean darlings. Enter the house baring a little treat, like a new coloring book or announcement of a fun outing you have planned for the week.

    3. Pace yourself.   You don’t have to fix all the behavioral issues before lunch. Be consistent in discipline, and be patient. The child in your care will rebound and thrive if they first know that you care. Show them support and encouragement. Let them know that you are proud of them for the things they are doing.

Hang in there sweet Nanny!  Monday’s are hard, but caring for children is a noble calling. You have the ability to affect the worldview, behavior, and general well being of these kids for life. Make your investment count.



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