5 Ways To Say Thank You

5 Ways To Say Thank You


  1. Surprise!  Allow your nanny to leave work an hour early.
  2. Give your nanny a $10 – $25 gift card to an online store where she can download her favorite music.
  3. Buy her some chocolates or any type of candy.
  4. Have your children make a “thank you”  card.  Have the children write or draw why they like her so much.
  5. Give the nanny a gift card for a massage!


Nannies, Housekeepers & Household Managers

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1.       Choose to be happy! It may sound simple, but if you have a positive outlook on your job, then you will enjoy it more!
2.       Avoid being negative! Don’t let a stressed out parent ruin your day or an unruly child make you pull your hair out. Choose to be happy!
3.       Only make commitments that you can keep! Don’t promise to babysit every other Friday night if you really don’t want to do it.
4.       Grow! Read a child related book that will help you grow in your field. Take online childcare classes or go back to school and learn more about the childcare field.
5.       Ask your employer for feedback! Tell your employer that you want to grow and do your best, so ask them to give you constructive feedback!
6.       Make friends with other nannies in the childcare field! Don’t gossip when you get together, but encourage one another instead.


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