Top 15 Tips for Hiring the BEST Nanny for your Baby

Top 15 Tips for Hiring the BEST Nanny for your Baby

Hiring a nanny for a newborn

Top 15 Tips for Hiring the BEST Nanny for your Baby


It is such a pleasure to turn into a parent; it is like the best feeling in the whole wide world. There’s no other happiness that can be compared with the happiness you feel when you turn into a parent. However, being a parent is not a piece of cake, neither for the father nor for the mother. Along with the happiness comes responsibility.

A responsibility that doesn’t let you sleep, doesn’t let you eat, doesn’t let you drink and doesn’t let you get even a minute for yourself. You have absolutely no time for the household chores and for your office tasks as well. The silliest thing is, you don’t even get time for your baby. This is because no matter how much time you spend with your baby, it doesn’t seem enough.

This is where you need household help and this is when you need to hire a nanny.

But hiring a nanny or working to get domestic staffing is not an easy task and can be very tiring. On the other hand, you can’t even rush the decision and hire someone without knowing about her. It doesn’t matter if you need a part-time nanny or a full-time nanny; all that matters is that you hire someone to help you with the baby. Most of the nannies provide you with household help as well and that’s the best thing about them.


Here are some of the tips you can use to get the best nanny being a working mom:

  • Instead of hiring someone personally, hire a nanny from a company like Georgia’s Dream Nannies, Inc.: So you say you know someone and you can hire her to be a nanny for your child? How much do you know her? Do you have someone who can guarantee her services, along with the safety of your child? Companies that provide you with nannies take a guarantee of the women who work for them; they ensure your child’s safety.
  • Find someone who can give a mother’s touch to your baby: Do you know what your child needs the most? The touch of his mother. Of course being a working mom, you can’t be there for him all throughout the day, but if you have a good nanny beside him, you don’t have to be worried about him at all. A professional and experienced nanny has a mother’s touch. Thus, find someone who is professional.
  • Make sure you can trust the company and the nannies working under its roofs: Before you hire someone, ensure she is good enough to be hired for your baby. Learn about the company that provides people with nanny services and learn about the nanny you are thinking of hiring. Georgia’s Dream Nannies was voted BEST of Atlanta 3-years in a row.
  • Find out about the company (read the reviews and post a question on different online forums): There are a lot of reviewing websites on internet; you can visit a few sites and read about the company you are thinking of approaching to hire a nanny. Most of the reviewing websites write genuine reviews.
  • Talk to your friends: If your friends had once hired nannies for their kids, talk to them and find what they liked and disliked.
  • Hire a nanny who agrees to give you household help: When you are not around, she may have to clean the baby’s milk bottle or serve food to your child after bringing him home from school. Thus, you have to make sure she knows she has to provide you with household help as well.
  • Find someone for the entire day (after school) if you are a working mom: Instead of hiring someone for one or two hours, hire a nanny for the entire day so that your child is taken care of after his school. When the nanny stays at home for the entire day, it becomes easier for you to focus on your work because you know there’s someone to feed your child, help him with his school-tasks and spend time with him just like a mother.
  • Learn about the charges of the nanny: There are several nannies, who charge a lot for their services and hence you can’t hire them. Find someone you can afford hiring. If you have a particular budget, share it with the company and let the nanny know that’s the only amount you can afford spending on her services.
  • Make sure the nanny has enough patience to handle your child: Talk to the nanny and introduce her to your child. Keep an eye and read her body language – does she seem comfortable about your colicky baby? If she lacks patience, she doesn’t deserve to be hired for your baby.
  • Find someone you can call a clone of yourself: ‘Clone myself!’ said the frustrated mother! This is something that all the mommies say and why not? Being a working mom does not mean you are not attached to your child; you are working to give a better future to him. The best thing you can do is hire someone who is exactly like you.
  • Hire a nanny who is flexible: There are ways in which you can find someone who is flexible with her work hours. What if you are stuck in a meeting and unable to return home by 8pm? What if you want the nanny to stay with your child for a few more hours? Always hire a nanny who knows how to be there for your child.
  • Find someone who can pick up your child from school if you have older children: Of course you want a nanny who would go to your child’s school and bring him back home, safely. If you want someone for the entire day, tell her she will have to fetch your child from school.
  • You can always search for someone who can help your child with his homework: You don’t want to return home with the stress of helping your child with his homework, do you? If you don’t want such stress on your head, it is better to hire a nanny who agrees to help him with his homework so that you are relieved from such stress.
  • Find someone your baby gets along well with: When you introduce your baby to the nanny you are planning to hire, find out the way he gets along with her; does he cry more? Does he seem comfortable? Some nannies can ruin the life of your child so hire someone who deserves to be with your baby.
  • Make sure the nanny understands your child’s psychology: Every child is different and grows with a different personality; some kids are easy and get along well with the nanny you hire and other kids are difficult. If your child is difficult, hire a nanny who understands him and gives him all the patience and support he needs or deserves.


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