Tips for Nannies on how to Handle Stress

Tips for Nannies on how to Handle Stress


Tips for Nannies on how to Handle Stress

(Keeping your sanity at this time of year)



Stress is not a respecter of persons. It does not care who you are, what you do or what your dreams are – it will hunt you down and try to overwhelm you. Here at our corporate offices we are dealing with some of the big stress causing events. Graduation from pre-k, graduation from high school, death of a beloved spouse, marriage (and the wedding planning that goes with it, and two of us are packing and moving our houses. So you can understand that when we hear some good advice about reducing stress, we are all ears. These tips came from someone wiser than us, but we have been putting them into practice and now we would like to share with you.


  1. Pray/Meditate/Practice Yoga – from facing a health crisis to mental or emotional stress, studies show that people who turn to their faith have an increased ability to weather the storms. Choosing to center your mind and soul on the Someone or something bigger than yourself allows you to relax. Focus on releasing control of the stressors you are facing and embracing them as nothing more than a temporary challenge. Allow calm and peace to enter your thoughts. Breathe deeply and connect with that peace you feel.


  1. Find Gratitude – As you go through each day become intentional about watching for three things that surprise you, make you smile. Maybe it is a simple smile from a stranger that reminds you people are kind. Perhaps it is a cuddle from a baby, the happy wag of your dog’s tail. Maybe it is the sunset as you drive home or the unexpected meal with a friend. Write three things down each day that you are grateful for.


  1. Acts of Kindness – There is a saying “Everyone is fighting a battle of some sort – be kind”, and that is true. Sometimes in the midst of our own battles or stress-causing events it helps to reach out to someone else with an act of kindness. Make it a point each day to look for someone to be kind to. Buy someone a cup of coffee, tell the young stressed out mother in the grocery store that she is doing a great job, take food to a neighbor. It can be big or little act, but look for someone that you can bless.



Here at the office, we have been trying to incorporate these little things, but they are making a huge impact on our stress levels. We are able to laugh and find little oasis’ in our daily lives that lift our spirits. And if you find that you are completely overwhelmed and you realize that hiring a household staff member would help then give us a call. We can help you reduce that stress.


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