Time Management and You – The Nanny Version

Time Management and You – The Nanny Version

Time Management and You – The Nanny Version


Have you ever wondered at the end of each day if you truly got much accomplished? Do you find yourself wishing for more time each day to get your to do list done? Do you ever wonder if you are truly making the most of your time? Here are a couple of self-checks you can do?



  1. Phone/Internet – I am attuned to my phone and get several text messages a day while I’m at work! If you’re in the same boat – it may be wise to put your phone completely on silent. The frequent interruptions throughout the day often suck up way more time than we realize – just like that one great video you planned to watch that turned into five! Not to mention – the biggest complaint we get from parents is that their nanny spends too much time on her phone.


  1. TV – I love to relax to TV. The idea of watching a show while nanny children are napping sounds enticing. However, that is a great time to get laundry done (or fold it while watching a show), tidy up the kitchen, meal prep for dinner, etc. While the temptation to watch TV is there because you do work in a home environment – resist as much as possible. You are a professional and watching TV while at work is not professional behavior.


  1. Down Time – I once had a nanny tell me that “nap time is golden time!” Anyone with kids 100% understands what she is saying as nap time can be an opportunity to relax a little and take a few deep breaths if it’s been a long day. But be mindful of balancing time to relax with the rest of your responsibilities.


Why is Technology So Distracting?


I find I often spend large chunks of time behind a screen when I am avoiding a task. Putting off tasks slowly saps energy as one slowly dreads the moment when the task actually has to be done. Instead of allowing this precious energy to seep away, knock out the dreaded tasks first if at all possible. As the exhaustion creeps in later that evening, you’ll be able to accomplish the mindless tasks that didn’t need your brain power in the first place!


The Reward


With a few minor tweaks in how you spend your time, you may find yourself able to complete more than you ever realized! Maybe even one day your family will be calling you Super Nanny! Regardless at the end of the day, you will be able to walk out of the door – unhurried and satisfied by a job done with excellence!

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