Why Not All Nannies Are Created Equal

Why Not All Nannies Are Created Equal

Why Not All Nannies Are Created Equal


Not all Nannies are created equal. That can be a blessing. We like to have all different styles of nannies here at Georgia’s Dream Nannies. Different educational backgrounds, ages, life experiences, languages, personality styles, nanny styles, communication, discipline – each nanny is different. Each family is different as well. Part of the magic that we get to create here at the office is in the matchmaking part of what we do. Each family and each nanny is unique.


However, there are nannies that just seem to be capture the essence of being amazing. I am often asked what sets an amazing nanny apart. Amazing Nannies do the following:


Grasp the concept of service –the household staffing industry is a service based career. The nannies that enter into this field with a desire to help raise wonderful children are a gift. The nannies that stay in this career field and take pride in the fact that they are providing a service for the families they care for, and don’t lose sight of that aspect are incredibly special. It is easy to begin to grumble, feel taken for granted and allow frustrations to build. Amazing Nannies do not lost sight of their personal motivation to serve a family and it infuses everything they do with a measure of joy that is noticeable.


Love and Passion – True love and passion for investing into the life of a family sets the great nannies apart. When we not only love what we do, but love who we do it for then it changes our approach. Understanding that you are investing of yourself into the life of a family and that you play a truly valuable role in their life makes a difference. You are not just a childcare provider. You are the counselor, the warden, the referee, the taxi driver, the cook, the laundress, the nurse, the comforter, the enforcer of rules and schedules, and then you get to go home and do it all over again with your own family – and understanding the value that you add sets amazing nannies apart.



Creativity – Whether a creative approach to discipline, a willingness to problem solve or simply a creative plan for the daily schedule and creative arts and crafts – amazing nannies are willing to keep exploring options, learning new tricks and bringing what they learn to the family’s they care for.


Dependability – Amazing Nannies understand that they are depended upon quite heavily. Not showing up or showing up late not just affects them but it can cause a huge ripple effect that can put other people in jeopardy. The grasp that their actions directly affect everyone else that depends on them. The integral role that a nanny plays in keeping a family functioning well are also a part of her understanding. When a nanny can be depended on to keep the schedules in order, to anticipate upcoming needs of her family make a difference.


Going the extra mile – Dream nannies are not only willing to go the extra mile but they pride themselves on doing just that for their families. It is not about just checking off the list and accomplishing the tasks. For the really special nannies, they truly love adding the extra.

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