Not Everyone Should Hire A Nanny

Not Everyone Should Hire A Nanny

Not Everyone Should Hire A Nanny….

I know that this is shocking to some folks, but it’s true! Some families are better suited to find alternate childcare solutions. If you find yourself hiring a new nanny every couple of months, then you may want to seriously sit down and evaluate why the nannies are leaving your job or why you can’t seem to find one that fits in with your family. The finger might just be pointing right at YOU!

I know that hiring a nanny may seem like the ideal situation for your family, but not every mom or dad is meant to manage an employee. Yes, the nanny does become your employee in the home and yes you will become her boss! It can be a daunting task and sometimes downright overwhelming for a mom or dad if they don’t have the right guidance, hence this is where Georgia’s Dream Nannies can come to the rescue! We  help bridge gap between hiring and retaining a happy employee (the nanny) in your home. 

How Do I Know If I am Cut-Out To Be A Boss In My Home?

  1. Are you reasonable and realistic with your expectations?
  2. Are you a micromanager – If yes, then you will probably be stuck hiring and firing nannies left and right! You might want to work on changing this part of yourself or find other childcare.
  3. Do you find yourself hiring more than one nanny per year? A typical family should only hire one nanny per year – not every other month!
  4. Do you pay a competitive salary?
  5. Do you offer time-off to the employee for holidays or vacation time?
  6. Do you expect the nanny to work the same hours like you do at work, but for 1/2 the pay or a lot less?
  7. Do you talk down to your nanny and make her feel worthless?
  8. Do you take out your anger and stress on your nanny weekly?

If  you find yourself needing guidance with the whole “hiring a nanny” process, then please know Georgia’s Dream Nannies is here to HELP you!  Sometimes we need to make major adjustments in our lives when we become to busy, and sometimes we just need an extra pair of hands to help us get through the day. It’s okay! You are not a failure as a mom or dad when you seek out help in the home. You only begin to fail when your life falls apart before your eyes because you can’t keep up with the demands of a busy life-style.

You are on the right track because you found Georgia’s Dream Nannies and you are seeking out the best care for your children and or home. Congratulations to you on the first step to bettering your life!  Well, let’s get your feet back on the ground running and your life in order! Let us help create peace and order in your home again. Give us a call today and just pay $349 To Get Started now!

  • “My time with those three children (now all taller than me) was invaluable. Working for Mr. and Mrs. X. was awesome and I learned so much. My friendship with them even now is so special to me.” – Part of an email sent to us just last week from one of our nannies who stayed with her family for 2.5 years.
  • “This month marked the end of an amazing chapter to my life. My six year career as a nanny with an amazing, loving, family has finally come to an end. It has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, thus far “…….
  • “Everything has been going great! I have great communication with the X. The kids are wonderful and the schedule has been right on target. It has been a smooth transition with no issues to speak of. As a matter of fact while I was at karate with X  his teacher approached me and said the X’s were very happy with me. Mr. X told him that they were “very impressed” with my performance. I hope this finds you well.”
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