Nanny, Housekeeper & Household Manager Tips

Nanny, Housekeeper & Household Manager Tips

Everyone’s looking for shortcuts, ways to cut time and save money. That’s a good way to be, but oftentimes people get just the opposite result they wanted. Many don’t think twice who will have access into their homes and let alone children! It’s something to think about.


What about on-line nanny or sitter “do it yourself” website?

Don’t waste your valuable time sifting through endless nanny profiles that are sometimes plagiarized, counterfeit, misleading, or even fraudulent.

Did you ever think twice about who would have access to your families profile? What if a picture of a sweet and innocent nanny posted on the online website really isn’t a woman after all? 

What if it’s a man seeking out young children or much worse your family! Whose to say that he didn’t steal someone else’s identity and post it online.  It’s something to really think about!

Should you trust the security of your family and children to someone who simply posts a charismatic or charming profile?  Of course not.  A picture with a written profile can be misleading, unreliable, and even sometimes deceptive.

You want a great nanny that will blend well with your family and care for your children at the most competitive rates. With Georgia’s Dream Nannies, that’s exactly what you get! We save you the time and help you avoid the hassles you might get elsewhere, and bring you ONLY the best of the best! And all of this for one flat fee. In the end, it’s really quite simple.

There is a distinctive quality difference when you use a professional and trusted service like Georgia’s Dream Nannies. We are committed to honest business practices. There is a reason why we have been recommended over and over to families and nannies since 2003!

In a fast paced world with many confusing options, we sift through the clutter and only bring you the BEST!  Our placement coordinators will work closely with you to guide you through the entire process of hiring someone. Most families interview 1-3 job applicants before hiring one, which means quick results for you!  We offer FREE consultations, advice and counseling before and after an applicant is placed.

In an ever increasing dangerous world the need to protect your family has never been greater.

Give us a call today at 770 – 517 – 0443 or click here to get more information sent to you

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