Nanny Agency Professional Athletes Atlanta

Nanny Agency Professional Athletes Atlanta

Nanny Agency Professional Athletes Atlanta


Georgia’s Dream Nannies very first placement back in 2003 – We placed a nanny with a professional baseball player for the Atlanta Braves and we’ve never slowed down!  We have a lot of experience working for all kinds of professional athletes and their families in and around Georgia. Georgia’s Dream Nannies has been featured in a number of high-end magazines and newspapers over the years.


Platinum Services

About Georgia’s Dream Nannies

We’ve been helping families find suitable Atlanta nannies, housekeepers and household managers since 2003.  Georgia’s Dream Nannies is dedicated to enhancing the quality of family life by providing nurturing, dependable, and creative Atlanta nannies, housekeepers or household managers for the home through appropriate training and screening procedures. We specialize in placing part-time or full-time live-out  (employee does not live within the home)  nanny, housekeeper or household manager placements.

Job Seekers

Are you looking to work with a professional family –   Click Here For More Information on how we can help you today!

Families Seeking To Hire Household Help

We have an established reputation with long-term success based on previous Atlanta nanny/family placements. You do not have to scroll through unqualified nanny classifieds. No need to place nanny ads! We do all the work for you! We select quality nannies, housekeepers and household managers that fit your needs and introduce them to you. Our placement coordinators will work closely with you to guide you through the entire process of hiring someone. Most families interview 1-3 nannies, housekeepers or household managers before choosing one, which means quick results for you!  We offer FREE consultations, advice and counseling. Call 1-844-NANNY22 or send us an email

We have years of experience in advertising, interviewing, recruiting, training, evaluating candidates, trial-periods, guarantees, and successful nanny, housekeeper and household manager placements. We stand behind our placements. We also provide thorough job performance evaluations for families to use with their (employees) nannies, housekeepers or household managers throughout the year. We believe in helping our families communicate with their employees by providing them with the materials to make it easier.  Nannies, housekeepers and household managers receive evaluation forms as well to use with families to help keep all communication open. We treat our nannies, housekeepers and household managers with the same respect as our own families.

We have a thorough family Agreement that works!

We have the experience to recognize a good match because we know the pitfalls of the business. We have had countless nanny, housekeeper or household manager and families recommend our agency to others. We understand finding a nanny, housekeeper or household manager on your own can be very frustrating and very time-consuming. Let Georgia’s Dream Nannies eliminate the hassle of placing classifieds, phone calls, time, and paper work of finding a nanny, housekeeper or household manager on your own.

No More Stressful Searching through endless profiles

Families seeking to hire:  Searching for a nanny, housekeeper or household manager can be daunting and stressful. When you want to find a suitable nanny, housekeeper or household manager fast, at the best possible salary, choosing the right placement agency is critical. It can mean the difference between a smooth transition for a family and a nightmare.  Georgia’s Dream Nannies has been very successful in satisfying some of the most prestigious clients. Our clients say that our high quality one on one service and fast replacements exceed all other agencies.

Our families consist of ……

Professional athletes, newscasters, people who own their own business, CEO’s of corporations, stay at home moms, single parents and young families. Georgia’s Dream Nannies has been featured in the Media many times. The CWK Network did a television interview with our Nanny agency based on the latest T.V. series on Nannies. A local newspaper in Georgia did a full spread article on the owner of our nanny agency. We have also been contacted by other various newspapers to do articles on our families and local nanny agency in Atlanta.

What our clients are saying about us…..

The mother emailed “GDN” this comment over a year after the nanny had been placed. “Everything is going well with S.  She is a great help and my boys adore her.”  The value I received from Georgia’s Dream Nannies:  “Being comfortable with the screening process and knowing I have a sitter that is going to take her role seriously and be committed to my family.”  What did you like best about “GDN”?  “ The convenience of having candidates provided for me to interview that meet my specifications…… I wouldn’t trade S. for the world …. .”  The wife of a professional NFL player
A client sent us this email after she interviewed 3 of our top-notch nannies within 2-days after signing up with Georgia’s Dream Nannies.  “Again- they are all great candidates. They bring different strengths to the job.  If you have any feedback to pass along, please let me know. I may be hard to reach by phone tomorrow, but I will be checking messages.  Your candidates all came very well prepared and prepped. They all interviewed SO well! Another comment – “Thanks! I really appreciate you being so aggressive about pulling this together yesterday”.  The working mother is a very well known T.V. anchor and has two beautiful children.



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