Motivator Cards

Motivator Cards



Motivator Cards

Motivator Cards are a great addition to any in-home behavior management system. I bought several different types of motivator cards to use with my children, but you can also easily make one using a graph template on your computer. I bought this one at the School Box (teacher resource center) and it has re-usable stickers. I’m not a huge fan of this particular one because the star stickers fall off a lot and the stickers wind up all over my house.




This motivator card is my favorite one!  I also bought this motivator card that allows my children to apply new stickers everyday. It’s a tear-sheet motivator card set. You can allow your children to choose which sticker they would like to apply each day onto the motivator card page.

Motivator Cards

Motivator Cards And What You Need

  1. Provide your child with a Motivator Card
  2. Stickers or markers

How It Works

You will explain to your child (Typically 3.5 years or older) that they will be rewarded daily for the following (Feel free to change or modify to meet your needs). The child will receive a sticker or a check mark (using a marker) on the Motivator card when they complete one or more of the following items listed below.

  1. Completing a chore without complaining
  2. Caught doing something good without being told
  3. Interacts with siblings appropriately
  4. Minds the nanny
  5. Does his or her homework
  6. No temper tantrums before lunchtime
  7. Using his or her manners
  8. Speaking kind words
  9. Cleans his or her room
  10. Brushes teeth
  11. Washes his or her hands after using restroom

Motivator Cards

Click Here For More DetailsA Motivator Card is basically a chart with 5 or more squares that the child can either check off with a marker or place a sticker next to each accomplished task. When the Motivator Card is filled up, then you can reward them. Click Here for more info! 



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