Hiring A Nanny For Newborn Twins

Hiring A Nanny For Newborn Twins

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Hiring A Nanny For Newborn Twins

Let us help you find the RIGHT FIT  for your newborn twins the first time!

I have spoken to a lot of families recently about hiring a professional nanny for their newborn twins. We’ve worked with families since 2003 helping them find the RIGHT daytime nanny and evening nanny for their twins.  We also like to help families who have twins find peace in the home again, re-gain sleep patterns, help with feeding schedules, laundry, light-cooking and setting up daily routines all through our talented Nannies.

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1st Step to hiring a Nanny for newborn twins

Go grab a pen and paper and start jotting down what type of caregiver, housekeeper or household manager that you would like for Georgia’s Dream Nannies to find  you, so we can help you get peace and order back in your life.  My team would love to work with you and show you why so many families all over Georgia have chosen to work with our company time and time again since 2003 to help them find a Nanny and other in-home staff for the home since 2003.  Would you like to chat with us? Give us a call now at 1-844-NANNY22

We have the experience and expertise to help you find a Nanny to help you with your twins for just a few weeks, couple of months or permanently. You can also hire the Nanny to work as little as 12-hours per week to 50+ hours per week. We understand that having a twin babies is a full-time job, so let us help you ease into motherhood or ease back into your routine with nighttime help or day-time help. We truly do cater our services to work around your families needs.

Hiring a Newborn Specialist to help with your newborn twins

How can a Newborn Care Specialist – Baby Care {Nanny} help my family?

  1. Our Newborn Care Specialists can help with lactation support if needed
  2. Providing support and consultation to mother in regards to newborn needs.
  3. Helping plan a routine for meals, napping, and play time
  4. Helping with sleep training and development – Helping you and baby get on the right track!
  5. Helping or assisting with feeding, bathing, and changing the infant as needed
  6. Helping / preparation of bottles
  7. When you hire a Newborn Care Specialist, she can help with the washing, handling, cleaning & sterilizing bottles as needed or requested by mother.
  8. Our Newborn Care Specialists can provide stimulating activities to help infant brain development
  9. Our Newborn Care Specialists will interact with infant
  10. Our Newborn Care Specialists can help assist mother with any infant related tasks to help make a safe environment for the infant.
  11. Our Newborn Care Specialists can be a moral support, confidant and help-mate for the mother.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!   My team can’t wait to meet you, share personal stories, answer questions and see your smiling face on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Please connect with us!  I’m sure that you are thinking to your self why so many families choose Georgia’s Dream Nannies and continue to refer families to our agency. Well, let me explain…..

  • Our team truly cares about providing the highest quality care for your home. We spend countless hours recruiting the highest quality help for your home; whether you are hiring a nanny, housekeeper or household manager.
  • We provide the Ultimate background checks  – Your family’s safety is our number 1 concern. As moms and dads, we understand the importance of finding the right nanny, housekeeper or household manager for your home!
  • Rush placement service available! We have professional applicants who are ready and willing to work at a moments notice! We’ve worked with a lot of high-profile families who hire us to help them find good, trust-worthy, fun-loving, honest and professional nannies on a moment’s notice.
  • Handpicked – We personally handpick only the highest quality nannies, housekeepers or household managers for your family based on your specific needs.
  • We save you valuable TIME!  We typically review  30 + applications before selecting our top 3 candidates to introduce to you.  We personally review every professional job application by hand. We personally interview all professional candidates before you ever meet with them in person –  sometimes more than once!
  • Enjoy your family life! We save you precious family time!  We typically only introduce 3 candidates to you after our exhaustive interviews; However, there is no limit on how many candidates you can interview before you hiring someone. This is what sets us apart from other agencies and makes us a top-notch nanny agency!
  • You will be assigned a coordinator who will work closely with you throughout the search.

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