What should you expect from a candidate at your first interview?

What should you expect from a candidate at your first interview?

What should you expect from a candidate at your first interview?


Whether you are expecting your first child, are going back to work after taking a few years off, or would like some extra help taking your children to all their various activities; hiring a nanny can be confusing and stressful! How do you know what to expect at that first interview? What are realistic expectations for your future nanny? Here are a few standards you have every right to expect to be met by the future care giver to your children.



  1. They should be dressed appropriately- Not to say you should expect a business suit! They should not be in jeans or shorts, but causal neatly pressed pants/skirt and a top that covers everything that needs to be covered is very appropriate for a nanny position.


  1. They should arrive early/on time- This will give you a great idea of their dependability. I think this should be a no brainer for any interviewee – but you would be surprised.


  1. They should bring a copy of their resume, cover letter and references- I think this speaks to organizational skills, and communication. Both are very important when you are considering having someone in your home, working closely with you and your children.


  1. They should talk about what a day with your children will be like- This is basic. They hopefully have some experience working as a nanny. You want to get a feel for the type of activities they enjoy and how creative they are.


  1. They should be able to answer your questions regarding child care knowledgeably – Be aware that some nannies might be extremely nervous and do your best to set them at ease. Once they relax some, try to get a feel for their discipline style and if it is line with yours. Do they know how to handle an emergency situation?



  1. Bonus: they might bring a portfolio with sample schedules, activities, and lesson plans- extra signs of professionalism speak highly of your future nanny!


  1. They should have some questions for you-Spend some time before the interview examining your needs and writing down the specifics of your job. Be prepared to answer questions regarding schedule, your parenting style, flexibility and your expectations.


We at Georgia’s Dream Nannies will prepare you with sample questions for you to ask at your first and second interviews as well as a list of questions your nanny might ask you. Good luck!

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