DAY 2 Of Our Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Household Employer

DAY 2 Of Our Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Household Employer

DAY 2 Of Our Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Household Employer!


Congratulations! Georgia’s Dream Nannies is sending you on an interview to a family! Whether you are a nanny in Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, or South Florida, this is a great next step for you. You love your former nanny-family, but it is time to move on. We are hoping the family we send you to will be a perfect fit. When interviewing, it is important to harness your nervous energy and use it for success. Here are my top 5 questions to remember!


Question #2

Will we (nanny and parents) be able to meet regularly to discuss the children’s progress and any problems that might arise?

Feedback is vital. You need to know if you are doing well as their nanny. Georgia’s Dream Nannies knows that you desire to be the best employee possible—the family needs to know that, too. The best way for you to better yourself is to receive feedback from the family. Open communication is huge. I would argue that it is the most important aspect of being a nanny. Also, children are always changing. They get bigger, and like to do different things. Meeting with the family on a regular basis will help you to be proactive with their child’s needs.


Author: Elizabeth, Placement Coordinator

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