Creating a Terrific Nanny Resume

Creating a Terrific Nanny Resume

Creating a Terrific Nanny Resume


Creating a terrific nanny resume is a favorite topic of mine; have you noticed? I look at hundreds of nanny, housekeeper, household manager and other domestic staff resumes a week. I am truly passionate about helping each household staff candidate have every advantage in presenting their gifts, talents and work history well. From the very first glance at a resume, the interview has started. Did you know that? Traditionally, nannies do not have stellar resume skills. So how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you make a top-notch impression right from the start? Here are some of my favorite tips from terrific resumes that have grabbed my attention.


Clear and concise format – A resume is not the right place to have too many curlicues, fancy fonts, or busy layouts.  You want your resume to be easy to read and understand, use a traditional font, and keep clean lines. Make sure that your resume does not go beyond two pages.


List pertinent information – For each family worked with or position held, make sure you list the highlights and big responsibilities of your role. Try to avoid the more mundane parts of your position. Example: It is good to list that you have potty training experience. It is not necessary to list that you changed diapers. Were you responsible for attaining developmental milestones? Mention that you worked on letters and numbers, built fine motor skills through lego building, or worked on gross motor skills through teaching basketball. Did you make organic baby food from scratch for your charges? That is good to share. Did you feed your charges each day? That’s expected and not necessary to include.


Include quotes from references – I have started to see this on nanny resumes and I really like it. Additionally, families are responding really well to it. Take a sentence from a recommendation letter and include it with the first name of the person that wrote the reference. Use 2 or 3 of these direct quotes from recommendation letters that you have. What a terrific way to make a good first impression.


Write a good cover letter – Your resume is a stand-alone document that should cover skills, abilities, past experience and objective. A great cover letter is the way to communicate your playful nature, your enthusiasm for children and your passion to make a difference.


The power of a good resume cannot be measured. It is worth taking the time to have someone help you if you feel your resume is not standing out from the rest of the crowd. Keep in mind who your audience is. Families often have experience looking at professional, corporate resumes. You want to get their attention with your resume but the best way to do that is to let your experience and ability stand out. The interview is the best place to let the family observe your creative, playful, fun and adventurous side.


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