6 Ways You Can Sabotage Your Interview with Your Dream Nanny

6 Ways You Can Sabotage Your Interview with Your Dream Nanny

6 Ways You Can Sabotage Your Interview with Your Dream Nanny

6 Ways You Can Sabotage Your Interview with Your Dream Nanny


What are the common ways people sabotage their own interviews when trying to hire the perfect nanny?  Finding and hiring someone to care for your children and be an integral part of your life is very difficult! Here at Georgia’s Dream Nannies we understand how stressful it can be and we are here to help you every step of the way! Below are six common don’ts to avoid when interviewing for that dream nanny!


#1 Don’t Change Your Hours During the Interview

Don’t tell the nanny that you probably will not need them full time every week. Please stick with the schedule on the job post!– Nannies will apply for jobs that fit their needs, whether full or part time. If they show up to the interview expecting full time hours and you change it up during the interview, they probably won’t take your job!


#2 Don’t Talk About Financial Problems

Don’t tell the nanny that you are not sure you can afford them or talk about financial problems. Most nannies need a reliable paycheck to make ends meet every month. If they think they can’t count on a reliable paycheck from you they will run to another family as swiftly as they can get out your door.


#3: Don’t Mention Daycare.

Don’t tell the nanny you are trying to get your kid into daycare. If a nanny applies for your job wanting a permanent “forever family” and they realize they are a temporary stop gap until you make your long term plans, they will look elsewhere for employment. Our advice is to always be honest. There are nannies out there looking for temporary jobs and we are happy to help you find them! The more accurate the job description the better luck you will have finding your dream nanny!


#4: Don’t Dwell on Frustrations with Past Nannies

Don’t speak harshly about your previous five nannies and why you had to fire them. Hopefully this is an embellishment – but you get the idea. Ranting about your frustrations with your previous nannies will quickly raise red flags to a prospective nanny. The last way you want to represent yourself is as someone who is hard to please or difficult to work for.


#5 Don’t Invite the Extended Family

Don’t have your entire extended family attend the interview and/or observe the nanny interacting with the children. While having your sister or best friend sit in can be okay, be careful how many people you include. Any interview is stressful! Having 10 interested family members peeking in the door (or worse sitting in on the interview) will not help the nanny relax and be herself. The best time for grandparents, aunts and uncles to meet the nanny is after you hire her.


#6: Don’t Wait Too Long

Don’t wait an extended period of time before holding second interviews. That Mary Poppins you want to hire is in demand and could receive another offer while you drag out the interview process. If you wait too long she will think you are not interested and pursue other families- she just can’t afford to wait around.


My best advice to you is to determine your needs and expectations before you start interviewing and clearly communicate those needs to your agency (which I hope is Georgia’s Dream Nannies!) so we can best meet your needs! The goal in the end is for you to find your dream nanny and for her to become a valued member of your household.


A Hilarious Quote from a Georgia’s Dream Nannies Client! (You know who you are )

“I need a nanny who says –‘Show me a kid and I can nanny it!’“

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